World Music Day Sale - Corellian Idols

Hope by now everyone have access to the Hot Deal now.

The picture of Richard holding a microphone singing cracks me up. Similar to the World Cup event, it is again 250 Gems for a Hero Token, a Troop Token, and instead of 2 time stops, it’s 2 Tornados this time. Will probably still save the Hero Token for another day and use the Troop Token sometimes tonight, I am not sure why, but for some reason all my good pulls seem to come from wee hours at night (past midnight and into early AMs). Let’s see if I get lucky on the Troops then.

These small good gem deals are still very good at setting my gem stockpiling progress back. :joy_cat:

There is of course the 9750 Gem version, which is still too rich for my blood.

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I’ve bought the previous 9750 deal because it had 2 tabbards. Those deals are already underwhelming but now we see only 1 4* AM. Well, guess what I wont be buying…

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Agreed. One ring isn’t enough to get my gems/$.

Wow really? As I don’t buy it, I didn’t notice it had 2 tabards and now has 1 set of rings!
Shame on you SG, at least 2 rings for this expensive deal

Considered the big one for a little bit, then my budget started whacking me over the knuckles with a reminder that Avalon is next month and a chance at Panther is better value than a chance at 4* troops if I have to spend money at all.

This is what I see now. You’re right, Richard is hilarious: :joy:

He needs backup from Nash. :smile:


I guess you mean Guardians lol… Avalon is not next month and does not have Panther

Yep. Either my brain or my budget is easily confused today. :upside_down_face:

I’m trying to do the math… is there any way the epic half of this is worth it at all??? Sure the first half is a decent gem/token exchange but… Anyone have an argument for or against? It seems less worth but it’s hard to put a price on ascension items?? :confused: I’m not convinced it’s a deal at all.

You can put a value on the tokens (5200 gems for the hero tokens, 3200 for troops). So that 8,400 gems accounted for. Are the other items worth the difference? Would you actually buy 20 epic hero draws and 20epic troop draws?

I bought it because of the epic tokens. The majority of the HOTMs I have were from epic hero token draws so I always jump on the opportunity to get them. Really, I wanted the troop tokens because I was still missing dark and nature 4* troops. I got exactly what I was looking for an then some. I was able to max the troops I got as well so I thought the purchase was worth it. I cant wait to see what I get next month when the new HOTM comes out with my epic hero tokens.

If it had 2 rings as last month had 2 tabards I would consider buying too, but I thought it was very cheap of them to take out one 4* item. They keep scre*ing us because people keep buying everything they throw at us

No I wouldn’t buy that many otherwise, valid point. But the temptation comes in the fact, as @nosaj03 said, the HOTM seems to have a higher pull off tokens. Also the next event you can pull event heroes with epic hero tokens. So part of me was like… get a bunch and spread them out over a few months, try for a couple HOTM (as both troop and hero tokens can pull HOTM) and try for a few of the event heroes. But in the end the pay off wasn’t there for me and I was much happier knowing I didn’t spring for it.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think only Hero Tokens, Event Pulls, Epic Pulls, and Elemental Pulls have shots at getting HoTM and Troop Tokens/Pulls does not. Otherwise it should say so in the disclaimer at the bottom of the HoTM card.

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Songs from the E&p hit list:

  • I ham the one and only
  • simply the chest
  • we could be heroes
  • diamonds are a girl’s best friend
  • firestorm at the disco
  • love is in the Aries
  • come on baby, light my Friar

The 250 gems one is really cool. Perfect for FtP players that still want to “buy” something. Wish there was some offer in the middle, let say 1000 gems. Recenty I decided to save gems untill I have 2600 for a 10x pull. But if there was a decent offer for 1000 gems I would probably buy it.

Where did you read next event heroes can come from tokens?

There is a Summer Event (similar to Spring event) incoming. Event heroes would be added to epic hero summon.

Other notable ones that made headlines at one point.

I am only one “AM” away - Performed by Magni, written/composed by Rigard

*My Heart won’t go on" - Known to be the last song produced by Isarnia until her retirement from her singing career.

“Re-animated and it feels so good” - Written/Produced/Composed by Skittleskull and performed by the entire 1* Reanimated Fighters Corp Chorus.

I Want it this way! - Performed/written by DJ - The hastily formed duo of Dash and Julius.

“RNG RNG, Go Away!” and “Who’s afraid of Big Dark Lord?” - Popular Nursery Rhymes composed by Belith and Lyrics by Lianna.

In other news, after hearing multiple complaints from Little John about lack of Merrymen against the endless waves of Titans, Friar Tuck have adopted a song called “Let it go” originated from a far off land into his Sunday church services, except the entire song was done in Gregorian Hymns. It is also been reported that Isarnia refused to attend his services after this change was made.


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