World Map Button Glitch

When I’m zoomed in and scrolling through my base, the game is randomly taking me to the map even though I’m not clicking it.

I suggest to take a screenrecord of it and send a ticket to support with vid. Or post link into vid to here.
I havent heard about this issue so far and hopefully its temporary and solved soonish

I could not reproduce it either.
A video would be good about it.

I haven’t had this exact issue, but quite a few times I have had scrolling on the base not work properly…and when this happens it has caused things to be selected (as if I’m tapping that spot) which I’m not trying to select, and this has opened the map before. For me, this only happens when the game has been open for an extended period of time and is immediately resolved upon restarting the app. When periodically restarting the app while playing for extended periods of time, this does not happen. Could it be a similar issue? Is the issue resolved upon restart? If the issue does not resolve upon restarting the app, have you trying clearing the app cache? I hope you’re still able to play, and if not it is resolved quickly :nerd_face:

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