World Energy Question

I am about to level up. I only need 400 xp.
I have a full 28 energy right now. If I used 9 loot tickets, will it use my current energy, then rank me up and I get my new 28 energy FULL to use, OR will it use 3 from this current one before I level up and then roll over and take the rest (24) out of the energy when I level? Hope that makes sense.

Thanks, in advance

Yes, try a stage with 7 flags and use 4 loots at same time

I understand what you are asking … I think :grinning:

Yes it is a great idea to use loot tickets to use as much WE as possible. No matter what you do, your WE will be full after you level

You will level up and get full energy. That’s a way I use ticket to avoid loosing energy when leveling up

You will get 28 energy once you level up, so try to use ALL your flags (WE, titan, raids) before you level up using your loot tickets. Use a 4 energy stage if you can to avoid wasting any WE or your highest 3WE stage.

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Perfect thanks everyone.
ANy recommended best level to do?
I have the following completed (no hard mode for S2):

S1 Province 21:3 complete
S2: Province 10:4 complete

What would you all suggest when I do it?I don’t really have anything specific i am looking for so anything is fine. Heroes are always nice, since I have enough to level up.

Thanks again

I would say 8-7 x 9 for the recruits. But that’s just me.

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