World Energy Full Notification

Is anyone not receiving their World Energy Full notification?

After the last update my notification has stopped appearing. My phone settings and in game settings for notifications are all correct as I’ve checked.
I want to be notified when World Energy is full!

I don’t think I’ve seen notifications for World Energy being full in quite a while. And when I did used to get them, it seemed random to me — it didn’t seem like I got one every time my energy was full, just every now and then.

It seems like the notifications are all a bit random, or possibly have a cooldown timer. I get messages about my base being attacked, but I definitely don’t get one for every time I’m raided.

It might be the case that the game limits how often it will send you a notification, and which one it sends isn’t consistent.

It’s been suggested before that notifications should be more customizable, which you might want to vote for:

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