World Energy Flasks Should Allow Temporarily Exceeding Max Energy Limit

Nothing is more annoying than losing out on some much needed energy. How about we do what Puzzles & Dragons does, and when you use a flask for world energy…the energy can exceed max limit temporarily. Obviously the timer will stop for accruing more energy until you are back below your own max. This would be beneficial for people saving level ups for titan hits where time is a factor. Sometimes you just want to use a flask, but will lose out on a few possible runs when leveling up is already taking a while for many people. Just a thought!

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Not unprecedented even in this game. If you do a 10x pull, you can go over your hero cap.

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Agreed… the max limit of World Energy (as well as the others) should be able to be exceeded when using a Flask. Please make this fix!

I was hoping you were suggesting we could buy w/e and raid flasks instead of just instant refills. Well exceeding max flag count could work. Idk how it would effect events though

Other games allow you to exceed the max energy when you get bonus energy. I have a WE cap of 48. If I use a flask to refill my energy and I still have 4 energy, I should have 52 WE until I spend it. I don’t think we should lose energy or have to spend the time to get energy down to zero. It is unnecessary.

In this case I use those 4 WE for farming first. E.g. 12-9 or 8-7
Then I swallow my flask.


Think this is a pretty common strategy

Is pretty normal to go farm somewhere with remaining WE but if your say farming during Atlantis the added extra could all add up,so you could farm a specific stage maybe more times?
Could be a reason why not.

Now my level is 53, and WE is 43.
I’ve been using loot tickets in 1-9 hard.
And I’ve got this trouble. You know what?
After 42 WE used, and only 1 left.
So if you want to continue the ticket works using Flask or gems,
you have to waste 1 WE.
If you don’t want to waste 1, you have to wait 20 minutes.
20 minutes later, WE becomes 3, and then you can use it in 1-1 or 1-2 normal.

Yeah, you must wait 20 minutes, so the ticket works can’t continue.
It is really frustrating. I mean I use my money to make full WE with gems, then I waste
1 world energy which means 10 minutes. I really hate this. :slight_smile:

So how about just adding WE when using flask or at least 100 gems?
I know there are some bad things if this happens, so only when the left world energy
is less than 10 or 5.

For example, level 53, your WE 43, and 1 left. If you use gems to make full WE,
43 added to 1. How about this?

Thanks for reading!

This idea has already been submitted in this thread and as you can see it only got 7 votes

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So i got my solution. After using 35 in 1-8 or 1-9 hard,
and then using 8 in another place. I love 1-8 h or 1-9 h,
but there’s no way to save my time.

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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