World energy counter

I have a feeling this worked in previous versions.

After finishing a fight in some province clicking “Replay” - in this view the world energy show the old count, but should contain acctual data, maybe? In example I went into fight with 7/28 energy with the cost of 4 energy and 1 minute till next +1 energy. After fight and clicking “Replay”, in this view it shows 3/28, but when I leave this view to world map, it shows 4/28. And no, it did not just changed while I clicked :smiley:

Hope this discription wasn’t too confusing :frowning:

I’m confused. :grin:

So… you’re seeing the energy get used up and subtracted from the amount you had when you went into the province, but don’t see any energy you accrued while you were in there. I can’t say I’ve paid attention, but will try to remember to check this the next time I farm a province for my monster chest!

?? Has it happened since, and does it happen consistently?

This happens to me. I’ll try explaining it too.

So say I start with 29/29 energy. I then do nine 3 energy quests, which subtracts 27 energy. But it takes me more than 10 minutes to play these quests so I should have also gained one energy. However, at the end of those nine quests my energy counter says (incorrectly) that I only have 2 energy when it should be 3 (29 - 27 + 1 = 3) and hence can’t do another replay, then when I exit to map it shows the correct amount.

Also note that this only happens when I’ve been hitting “replay” from the loot screen, not “next”. I suspect the energy counter is only properly updated when you go to the map screen.

Clear as mud?

Was almost certain I understood what was happening. Just paraphrased what I was hearing to make certain that I had it all straight. If I stay awake long enough to fill my monster chest, I’ll be able to post my results too.

Question: What platform and version are you playing with @Magog & @Sleven?

@Coppersky, I’m on Android and using the latest version, 1.4.3 Build 364.

I suspect that you can also cheaply duplicate the bug by recording how much energy you have when you start a mission, wait for over 10 minutes then finish the mission and note how much energy you now have.

Meh. I have to fill my chest anyways!

After a map battle, the Replay/Next screen doesn’t appear to dynamically update information to reflect any increases in World Energy over a long period of idling. I’ll try to screenshot it the next time it happens, or better yet, I’ll try to get video.


It worked ok for me on iphone, but I haven’t been able to update as yet with 1.4.3.