World Energy cost for season 2 stages

For normal mode, how much WE is used for each stage in province 27?

Six each for stages 1 through 9, seven world energy for the 10th stage.


So 9 and 10 outside of the event. Thank you very much!

Yes; sorry I wasn’t more clear about that! World energy is 6/7 now - during Atlantis Rises, 9/10 normally.

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By any chance, could you tell me what the cut off is, like at which point does it become 6 energy for each stage. I’m currently rushing through season 2 and just started province 14. Do you know at which province WE increases from 4 to 5 and then 5 to 6? Sorry to bother you.

Sure - just poked around a bit until I found them. I’m happy to help.

For normal mode:

  • 16.1 is the first stage that uses 5 WE
  • 23.1 is the first stage that uses 6 WE

WE numbers given during the Atlantis Rises event - just want to be clear to anyone else reading along.

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Just for fun I crunched the total WE usage for you to complete Atlantis normal mode during the Atlantis Rises event (since I assume that may be what you’re trying to assess).

World Energy needed: 731

(This assumes you need to clear every level, starting from 14.1 - good luck!)


Sorry for the late reply, but thank you! That is what I was trying to figure out!

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