World energy 5 mins refill

Moderator Translation - Guvnor
Make energy not wait 10 minutes but 5 minutes

Сделать чтобы энергию не 10 минут ждать а 5 минут


He wants world energy refill time as 5 mins, not 10 mins.

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Then we would never spend time with our families in real life just trying to keep up with the World Energy not to waste.

I understand the sentiment, but man, doubling the output of World Energy? Do you know how addicting this game is?! That’s like setting up a drink bar at an AA meeting!


Можно все успевать у меня у самого трое детей и я стараюсь все успеть! допустим у тебя 50 уровень то есть это 41 энергия и чтобы она наполнилась надо ждать 7.5 часов а так будет 4 часа и потратить ее как правило выходит на все прохождения не занимает больше 10-15 минут поэтому я предлагаю поменять мировую энергию на 5 минут и для новичков очень будет большой интерес и продвижения у них будут .


You can keep up with your families even with my proposal. For example, if you have level 50 (41 WE), you should wait around 7.5 hours to refill, but using it may cost only 10-15 mins of time.

If WE will refill 5 mins, then full refill for level 50 will be 4 hours, and novice players will progress faster and game will be more interest for them.

@1Sasha please, write in English (Пожалуйста, пиши по-английски).

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Anyone here ever watch the movie, Ready Player One? What was the rule the winners of “The Oasis” put on the virtual world at the end of the movie? Not everything SG does is about money. Sometimes moderation is necessary.

I can do everything with my very three children and I try to do everything! let’s say you have level 50, that is, 41 energy and that it needs to be filled, you need to wait 7.5 hours and it will be 4 hours and spend it usually goes through all the passes does not take more than 10-15 minutes so I suggest changing the global energy for 5 minutes and for newcomers will be very interested and they will have advancement.

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