World Cup Qualifiers

Anyone watch this for their own country?

I’m watching the Socceroos v Taiwan right now and Taiwan just scored!!! That was unexpected but fun.

Australia are not very good…

It could be worse…

Canada :rofl:

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Canadian here, and it’s true lol. At least they’re guaranteed in the North America world cup, by virtue of hosting it.

I’m watching Mexico :mexico: play myself. My mom’s side is from there. They disappoint in a grander way

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On one hand, Canada’s women team is so darn good and well-coached.
On the other hand, the man’s team is just laughable :joy:

I don’t watch Qualifiers live, but i check the scores of the matches.
Have great friends in Belgium and cheering for them :partying_face:

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Austria is the best … in skiing :joy:

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As an American, I don’t follow soccer (futbol) closely. But I do love me some world cup. You will not find more passion and patriotism in anything except perhaps the olympics. Can’t wait!

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