World Cup E&P - let’s see who is the best player

Have been thinking for some time how we can see who is the best PvP in the game and how it can be done. Obviously also can give something additional and fun to do to a lot of the veterans in the game ( also early stage players if they are addicted like we have been for some time :slight_smile: )

  1. Shouldn’t be difficult for SG to implement
  2. They will make money ( as if not, is clear they will not do it ) in multiple ways
  3. Finally we can quantify who are the best players in E&P without the claims who spent more or less - heroes, troops etc.

In short my idea is the following :

  • Elimination based PvP with entry fee ( 1st way how SG can make money from this ). Once per month or quarter event - entry fee can be 1K gems.
  • Rules topline:

Five defenses of + 20 heroes with lvl 30 troops rotate
Everyone can pick and choose any hero available for each attack, gets ability to put 10 nodes on each hero ( or if calculated different threshold) and gets a total of 112lvls to allocate as decides accross troops ( idea being not able to put more than 2 23lvl troops across the team ). With any hero available, 2 23lvl troops at least and 10 nodes on each hero, any competitive player that wants to be the best should be able to beat consistenly the best defense.

It is played 2 out of 3 so terrible boards are eliminated as factor as much as possible. People will be dropping off consistently of the tourney until there is only one.

This part also incentivises people to spend more and chase heroes afterwards ( point 2 making money for SG) as they have played with them.

Awards should be awesome for top 100 - 1000 due to the effort and especially top 3-10. If 100K people join the World Cup it means 100M gems which at least 50% can be returned as awards for top1000 i.e 500K gems #1, 300K gems # 2, 200K gems #3 etc. up to 5K gems for # 500-1000. Also top 3-10 should be able to pick and choose for free heroes of their liking i.e # 1 4 heroes, #2 3 heroes # 3 2 heroes and #4-10 1 hero. While the awards seems enormous in reality they are matching the effort and also SG doesn’t lose anything as they are giving in game currency only for real money upfront buying gems.

That’s in short - obviously things need to be calculated a little bit further and strategized but will leave that to the people at SG as suppose they have a BD & Strategy person they have on payroll.

Will be interesting to hear what others think, i would compete in something like this and would love to know if am #1 that am the best player in the game in equal conditions, where now nobody can claim that.

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It would be an RNG clown fiesta, where the de facto best players in the game could well be out on first round because the boards were not kind to them.

This is why alliance wars are good - the sample size (180 flags) is decent enough to mitigate the RNG.
Tournaments are sorta OK with a sample size of 25 (unless you get shafted 4 times in a row and die a horrible death).

Single elimination PvP? Not going to determine anything.


Great word. I’d love to see that…as a spectator.

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That’s why proposed 2 out of 3. What do you think evens out luck 3 out 5 or what? If you don’t believe you can win 2 out of 3 against any team with all heroes possible would assume you believe the whole game is pure luck and no skills at all???

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I love this idea. You’ve got my vote. I would lean towards 3/5 rather than 2/3, but whatever. That would require a LOT of game play, if I’m understanding the set-up correctly.






Should be quite quick in reality most prob to drop to top 10K ppl left. Maybe 50 flags in 3 out of 5. Top 10K maybe will take longer, so might be a quarterly event.



See your point, but would assume everyone can read the cards. I don’t have all the heroes but doesn’t mean that can’t think of potential synergies of heroes that I don’t have. Regretfully that is usually the driving force of pulling for heroes :grimacing:


True, and even after I posted that, I realized that “best E&P player” is obviously going to be limited to those with the most experience, regardless. As would be the case for any competition. A professional NBA player is probably going to be better at basketball than a high school basketball team player.

But give that high school kid a few years to practice his craft? He could ultimately end up besting all the NBA records in the future.

I can read the cards, but I have heroes on my own sad team that I rarely use… every once in a while, I take them off the bench to participate in some event or something… and I’m like



From the moment you charge to enter, more than half the game is left out (Those who do not spend)

So he could only be the best player to sign up for, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best in the game.

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Correct, but am sure if not making enough money for SG not possible. C2p assumed will buy in as for 1K gems the potential RoI is huge. As myself not a f2p can’t assume how fast can get to 1K gems but have seen threads where f2p do quite a lot of pulls in an year so assumed every competitive f2p also would buy in if possible. So majority of the player base can be in the tourney - the best i came up with. Any suggestions?


Being the forever Best Player in the Game I say if it makes the game fun for people who am I to stand in the way. Good on you for trying to provide feedback to make your experience more enjoyable.


Lol sounds like you’re already assuming the same ol players would best the odds as they usually do…

So “wouldn’t determine anything” and callin em clowns is your way of decreasing the impact of the gut punch if all excuses besides board play were removed and you still lost…

Not that i think I’d win, but i think it’d be fun win or lose


Typical way tournaments work anyways


That’s true.

But here they pose the best player in the game and the same conditions for everyone.

And from the moment you pay to enter the conditions are no longer the same for everyone

Alright so they’re the player who played the best in the tournament

However we wanna word it, doesn’t really take away from the tournament imo

And honesly it could be as small as a 100 gems and distribute the gems thrown in as the rewards

Then most will end up getting some or all of their gems back anyways

Fwiw i was against a pay to enter tournament when SG wanted to roll them out

But after experiencing something similar in another game, it is fun as long as everyone is on level playin field without money/time separators

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This whole part excludes F2P base which:

  1. is completely unfair if some kind of such tournament happens;
  2. i can guarantee you that a lot long term F2P players are way better than many big spenders, which can be easily proven under equal and fair circumstances of play.

So here are my thoughts on this - first i’d like to say that the idea/suggestion about such tournament sounds good and will be interesting but certainly not with proposed conditions. Reasons:

  1. Gem free “fee” is definitely a must so that give equal chance to all players that want to take part in this.

  2. There will never be a fair tournament until ALL participants have EXACTLY the same access to all that’s available according to tournament requirements.
    What i mean is player hero roster and troops MUST be all the same for everybody. That may include a lot of options depending on tournament requirements - is it a 3*, a 4* or a 5* tournament. Maybe all rarity heroes allowed? Same applies for troops - max troops of any rarity or lvl 1/10/20 troops. it doesn’t matter as long as it applies for ALL participants.
    Such tournament should not depend on player’s in game roster simply because it won’t be fair to compare $10k roster to some f2p or even c2p (not that we f2p don’t kick big spenders asses in game too often, but it just won’t be fair in such big tournament, unlike normal raiding)

  3. Exactly the same openning board for ALL participants, depending on the round (first fight, second fight, etc.). Boards MUST NOT be randomly generated for every player or it will just be unfair (one starts with absolutely nothing, the other guy starts with a diamond on strong colour)

Quick summary, summed up in few words:

  1. Gem free “fee”;
  2. Exactly the same hero and troop options for all participants, no matter if they are f2p or big spenders in game.
  3. Exactly the same randomly generated starting boards for everybody, depending on the rounds.

This is what i call a fair tournament and probably i can come up with more requirements that apply for everybody :slight_smile:

Eh p¡ssin contest :roll_eyes:
Just had one of those yesterday,

I’m out lol

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“Clown fiesta” is a meme term, I’m not trying to disrespect anyone. Nor am I trying to discredit the people who work (and pay) hard to attain the top ranks in currently existing events.

But you do realise pretty much all current events have a reasonably large sample size to tackle the RNG issues? This is specifically what I am trying to point out. We already have a weekly “world cup” of sorts, with a sample size of 25 fights.

If SG introduce another one that’s pay to enter, they better think of some way how a random tile draught early on doesn’t waste your entry fee.

Holding a “world cup” worth bragging rights in a highly RNG-dependent game is IMO not worth the hassle.

I really like this idea, @ALI_G . And I casted my vote for it.

Surely, the details can be worked out by SGG or based on community feedback (or both). Arguing about the details and the minutiae at this stage itself is probably not the best way to go about with productively discussing an interesting idea. (I think the focus should be more centered on how to make this happen rather than simply bringing up “why will it not happen - let me list out the reasons”. But again, that’s my perspective of a productive discussion :slight_smile: )

As such, this proposal definitely makes for an interesting idea - AND most definitely an interesting new facet in the game - a fun competition where you’re not necessarily limited by your roster.

I look at this idea not only as a competition - but also as an interesting “test the heroes” arena.
Honestly, almost every one of us has dreamt of using those two or three heroes not in our roster… and think “I wish I had them. I could use them like this… or like this…” Well, now you’ll have a platform to test out your ideas before you run after those heroes.

(Oh wait! Maybe, SGG won’t implement this idea if it lets people use heroes they don’t already possess. What if people stop running after these heroes after they realize they are not as effective as they anticipated them to be?? :thinking: ummm… don’t know… nevermind all this internal thought monologue :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thank you for bringing up an interesting idea, @ALI_G :slight_smile:

Cheers!! :beers: