World Building - Thoughts and Questions about the world of Karemdol and the Correllian Empire


Guild seems good. Maybe Cyprian was from guild too? But he died when guild was ending and change into ruins, and he back as a ded men.

For me this city from quests always was mayans. Richard and Viv started colonization and kill them?

Technology looks like post-apo for me.

Atlantis isn’t in any direction from Karemdol for me beacuse:

Karemdol is flat and deep dark is around.

Event places
You said about flyind ship, maybe heroes flying to far away place? Maybe this word looks like word from “Dragon humters” cartoon?

Like in our world, gorillas can speak by they hands but tigers just want kill you and eat your meat

Watch tower
How we can be in every province in 1 sec? In watch tower we can find special portal beetwen every province in S1. (In S2 Tarlak do his magic)

Magnificent topic :ok_hand:
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Excellent suggestion, top marks.

This reminds me of an ok post-apocalyse fantasy on Netflix - the Shanarra Chronicles



At the end of season one, which centres around elves and a war, a magic tree, assasination, politics and some other races…

They go to the prophesied land and it turns out to be Oakland.

It was Earth all along


The Netflix story was adapted from the book series…FYI. Terry Brooks, Swords of Shannara Trilogy. Less MTV drama. lol


Really interesting stuff. I’ve noticed that we seem to have various non-human related heroes and they seem to be elementally aligned.
The Pandas: Light/Holy/Gold (or Yellow) Hu Tao, Gan Ju and Sha Ji
The Monkeys: Also Light/Holy/Gold (or Yello) Wu Kong (who reminds me of The Monkey King from asian lore) and Hou. (edit) And Guardian Kong
The Lizards: Green/Earth/Plant - Kashhrek and Isshatk
The Lions: Red/Fire - Azlar and Zimkitha
The Orcs: Red/Fire - Boldtusk, Nashgar, Gormek and our little half Orc Zudak.
The Goblins: Green/Earth/Plant - Skittleskull, Carver and Needles
And now we have all the Atlantis fish and amphibians.
And Frida, who appears to be a Polar Bear (Blue - Ice/Water)

So how do you see all this fitting into what you’ve found so far? Do you think they originate from the first map or from places we haven’t “discovered” yet?

Also, where can we read your fanfics? =D



Captain Kestrel has firearms, so the Pirates, at least, are more like 18th century tech.

Gadeirus is the most clearly post-apo hero. Atlantis was always a tech anomaly, thoughh, and had its own private apocalypse that didnt take the rest of the world down with it.

It’s also clear that walking sticks are powerful weapon in some timeline, as both Owl and Hatter rely solely on them, in a vaguely Doctor Who bizarreness.

I support your view that there is a more fluid line between “dumb brute” and “sentient” than is commonly viewed in this world. For example, Agwe and Gato are clearly products of non-human tool-using species capable lf mastering complex forging and magic.


Excellent observations that deserve a little musing on

As for fan fic, all my work is in the library, of course. Along with some other excellent authors


Excellent point K.

And they are undead…so perhaps the firearms actually pre-date the current tech level and have since been forgotten?

And speaking of Owl are all the Guardians robots?


I don’t think they’re robots, but I confess that Panther’s tail-armor has always struck me as odd.


The 2 maps are geographically connected.


That is the discovery of the year.

Exceptional work again @Kamikaze_Assassin


I can’t take credit for it. It was something that was brought up in our alliance chat a while back. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who mentioned it 1st.

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Well such is the lot of great explorers. Magellan actually died during his famous circumnavigation of the globe.

As things stand, and by the powers vested in me by the Council of Bards, I hereby declare that land Kamikaze Island.


I’m kind of interested in this, since I made quite a few D&D characters out of E&P heroes.

Some more things to wonder about…

  • Ethnic backgrounds for the human characters - where in the E&P world would give the equivalent of European, African, Middle Eastern, East Asian, etc.
  • Are Glaceholm, Dragonia, and the Sandsea part of Karemdol?
  • Where on the continent is the stronghold even located???

S1 province 1 :slight_smile:


In my fiction i always use the Stronghold in province 1 - plains of Correllia (thanks @Radar1) as the seat of power for the Correllian empire which extends through the western spur of the continent.

I use Isgilham as a Nordic kingdom and ally of Corellia with Skyfheim being abandoned save for the insidious Guild.

Shaguadin is lost to the undead and the Shaguad Desert and plains of wind are a proxy for African nations.

Cloud loft stands in as a home for the Asian characters, although Atlantis also has a lot of Asian influence.

Scarlett and Jangahir both refer to the Sand Sea, but I haven’t explored this area yet. Forgotten Sands is the obvious home.

I place Cyprian and Sabina as the nobility of Mogovia and refer to them as the House of Cypria.

As a white Britisher I tend to avoid writing about characters from a background other than my own because I would probably end up relying on weak Hollywood clichés, but I’d love to read about Sharkot and the Old Ones or Bane or Li Xui.


The only nonwhite human character I’ve written a background for is Azar… mostly because I wanted to make a barbarian and she’s the only female one in the game. I’d post more about my D&D/E&P character backgrounds but I feel like this is the wrong forum to do it in…


As long as it’s E&P related and your not going to try to flog D&D merch, it should be absolutely fine!

I play a lot of tabletop battle games so I’d love to hear how you’ve developed the stats and characters.


No I meant it’s something that belongs in the community content section, not the player guides section.


Ooooh…yer your right. I changed it. Not sure why I put it in Player Guides to begin with.


Well, now that we’re in the right forum…

Domitia was the first character I made for D&D. I had to start her off as a fighter so I could give her the Arcane Archer subclass, but I multiclassed her to rogue when I got the chance. She’s half-human half-elf (the only E&P character I made who’s not human) and she grew up in an elven village where she spent a lot of time alone trying to craft magical weapons. Then she joined a group of bandits, developed a superiority complex, and left to become a hired assassin. There’s actually an ability called Bursting Arrow that’s pretty close to her shock bolt.

Sonya is a character I play in one of my weekly game store campaigns. I wanted to give her some more E&P-related backstory, so I made Commander Grey her father and Isarnia her prodigal older sister. Grey’s capture by the Dark Lord made a perfect motivation for Sonya to take the Oath of Vengeance as a paladin. She’s always eager to prove herself, which has gotten her and the party into quite a bit of danger on occasion.

Vivica was a bit of an odd case. I was considering making her as a character for a while, but what actually got me to do it was joining a friend’s online campaign where they really needed a healer. The campaign was specifically based at Morgrave University in Eberron, so that’s where I set her background. In this storyline, she’s a liberal follower of the Silver Flame religion and has a fascination with learning about dragons. She got her mini-dragon pet by rescuing him in the woods on one of her excursions - I named him after one of the dragons from the Eberron campaign guides.

Onatel is one of my favorite characters in E&P, but since pure spellcasters in D&D are hard to play, I held off on making her… until I discovered that my friend had independently also wanted to make a blind seer character. We decided to collaborate on her, with me doing most of the backstory and him figuring out the logistics. She’s kind of a Cassandra story - a talented diviner who got exiled for telling people the blunt truth instead of what they wanted to hear. We still have to talk through her weird blindness-related stats with drop-in DMs, but I like playing her when we have the chance.

Finally, Azar. I was interested in some upcoming Adventurer’s League games, and I needed a character who would be interesting to play with pure rules at level 1. I decided on a barbarian, and Azar seems to be the only female barbarian in E&P (I don’t like roleplaying male characters). Her title “seeker of throne” intrigued me as well, so I interpreted it as seeking her own throne: a dethroned princess who can only win her kingdom back by force and needs to become stronger before she can do it.