World BOSS for all


A lovecraftian, cosmic horror that, while is one entity being fought by all, is proportionate to the power level of each team it encounters.


A world boss a day keeps the lack of mats away… :wink:

Could be a 4th flag renewed every say 20 hrs and each time you can fight as long as your heroes stay alive without items. Spawns every Sunday eve, has about 1 billion health and a top player should be able to score about 50 to 100 k.


Yeah! Nice idea to have a world boss that everyone can fight for a weekend event but the main question is will SG’s game servers are able to handle the extra load during those weekend event?
Even with the current raid tournament, we could actually noticed the the server being overload. Hence, data accuracy could not be proccessed accordingly or the CPUs takes longer time for calculations.
Being in IT line, I understand that It takes a thorough and proper planning to program an event like this into the softwares. Quite complicated but anything is possible.


Wauw, this is the best idea I’ve seen here :wink:


This would be a fantastic addition to the game for when SGG purchases more hardware for the servers.

A weekly or bi-weekly world raid event with 48 hours to take down. Standard reward for everyone upon victory, with additional reward scaling by % tiers for performance. Make the loot spread a little more generous to all tiers with the top 1% and 1-5% obviously still getting the best rewards.

The boss could have a single mana pool, but rotating abilities, so you’re not sure which one is going to go off, with an attack rating closer to a 6 or 7 star titan, on a fast or very fast mana speed. Make the world boss neutral, with no element for strength or weakness.

But primarily, a REDICULOUS health pool. If an 11-12 star titan has 3,500,000 health taken down by 30 people, then these world bosses would have closer to 5,000,000,000 health or more. With trial and error at the start of course.


Great idea :slight_smile: it gets 1 of my votes remained

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Yeah, hope this idea make the community happy. I think it’s possible. And it could be a nice source of rewards and challenge for everyone…!

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Dear God man! Do you have a death wish!?


for a first world Boss…the DarkLords returns could be perfect haha

!! Bump !! where is the world boss? :wink:


If it’s a 24 or 48 hr titan could do multiple a week. Eligability based off lvl. Must be lvl 10 to be eligible for community titan. Mon and tues titans only lvl 10-25 can hit wed and Thursday only lvl 26-40 Friday and Saturday LVL 41 and up. Sunday day of rest. Everyone can see the titan to make sure everyone in the alliance can encourage the ppl in their alliance to hit both the alliance and the world titans


i think nothing is impossible, just it need reflexion, to make a great concept.

based on average global all active log alliance titans, i think SG can know how many titans are hit everyday, and what type of difficulty.

battle log are the key !


I’d suggest not making it a single titan but instead have one main guy with several minor monsters around it. That way lower level players can help the effort by taking on the minor monsters and high level players can take on the big guy. The game can assess your average titan damage and sort you appropriately.

An advantage of doing things this way is that we can make sure that the rewards are similar for low level characters fighting the henchmen and people who take on the big boss. I’d much rather see that then yet another mode which only rewards the best players.


That would be quite a lot of HP to put on the big boss. Sounds like a mega-titan fight.

Hmm… lesse. About 20 billion HP. Is that enough or too little? Lol.


or maybe crazy, but hit some parts of the titan… monday right leg, friday left leg…:slight_smile:


Honestly, this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen! 10/10, would vote for again!


i believe in this idea, @Petri help us to bring it real :slight_smile:


I think it should have tiers. So depending on what your highest trophy count was, any day the week leading up to the spawn, is the WORLD BOSS tier you could join. This would prevent cup droppers taking advantage of the world bosses. If you wanted to open your chests in the Diamond tier each day, that would force you into the Diamond tier. Yes, someone could not raid for the whole week and stay low, but I believe 5 raid chests in Diamond would offer more loot longterm.

Bronze Boss
Silver Boss
Gold Boss
Platnium Boss
Diamond Boss
Special Boss for people who hit the top 100 that week