World BOSS for all


hey all

SG, why not think about a huge weekly world Boss? a huge fight on two days ( saturday / sunday for exemple )

Everyone could participate, like a alliance’s Titan, but this time, every player could bring damage.

like…a world event…;p


More like going against the Titan King. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the idea.

How about a battle against some kind of small giant :rofl:

But would be great for community cohesion and cooperation :grinning:


yes, i think it should be great…huge and violent Titan For all…not idea how it could be implemented, but could be fun…


thats one of the best ideas ever!!
i really like it, it reminded me of a game called Dragon Dogma on the PlayStation where it have a similar idea and the loot is divided by the total damage given to the dragon, and the killing hits get a bit extra loot, as i recall you could only hit it once every 24 hours, and sometimes its get killed in 3-4 days sometimes longer
hope they introduce something like this it will be a game changer for sure


yup, it’s a great concept.

for exemple, one World Boss per Week, with 36h of battle…with rewards like tournaments based on grades.

i think we have to see in global ( like alliance score damage ) and not individual performance

@Petri @Kerridoc @Xero786 @Wharflord and others active members and all, what do u think about this?


If it’s a weekly activity and lasts for a greater part of a chosen day, it would be fun.

But please don’t follow other games and don’t force us to come online twice per day at arbitrarily chosen hours. I hate all those games with things like 2-2:30AM - world boss with insane rewards.


i agree with u, one day per week, would be great. with a system of flags like titans/raid/tournament…



20 Aifes


Additional awards for top players and top alliances, track scores the way they do in the raid tournament, top %


but it have to add in the rules, no flask lol

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That’s a really cool idea!


need a community event !! :handshake:bring the vote, bring the hype!

20 SG


…hmmm…the idea is nice, but I am not sure if its possible. A 12* Titan can take down a 5* hero with two hits if you don’t use items. So, how to beat a global titan? It would one shot all heroes, no matter how many items you use, except it would have a really poor attack, which would be the only possibility to give newer players a chance too. But that would mean, that players with full 5* teams, would have a massive advantage, which would lead to many complaints.
Like I said, I like the idea, but I don’t think its possible to create a Titan, that really everyone can fight against.

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Oooo how about…if the community fails to kill the world boss then that province is globally off limits for x number of days


I think it should hit like an 8/9 but have a high defense score (huge HP, of course) and be immune to -def


Perhaps instead of traditional loot, the community could get a potential to drop non-farmable loot across all provinces, perhaps a .0025% chance to drop 3* (blades) or .001% chance to drop 4* (rings)— dependent upon the color(s?) of the world titan.


just create a titan with a amount of HP adaptated for massive players. it can be a 10 stars titan for the attack et def stat

HP could be adjusted , according to the number of person who suscribe the event?

exemple : if we suscribe the friday, and the event start the sunday. I think SG can estimate the numbers of participants and give the right amount of HP to the World Titan


Nice idea but for it to be fair across the board foe all players it would have to work something like the monthly event where you have a rare, epic and ledgendary world boss event where each biss has an appropriate strengths for those grades, otherwise you can bring just ant hero grade in then obviously those with fully maxed 5* teams would have the greater advantage.

I also agree with only 1 flag per user per day per world boss type (this could be say a newly generated flag by SG ) specific for this event.

You could even make it so that you had win these flags throught other game events during the week to be able to participate in tbe weekend world boss battles.

As for the scoring. Unlike with the titan it wouldn’t be timed but instead you would be scored on how long you lasted. Then every player would have a fair chance at top placing.

No buying gems to redo the match and no ability to use extra flags. A simple single flag per user per day and that’s it. If you impliment having to win flags to partake then you may win a flag to do the epic and rare only or what ever combo but by making it a win through events flags would encourage more to do every event if they wanted to partake in the world boss events.

Just a thought and suggestion on a method to implement this in a fair for all method.


They could intall a titan specific team power rule. On this titan you can only use team powers >4k or >3500. Same for troops, 4* troops not allowed on this titan. Idk about just 1 hit/day; maybe 2 or 3. Lmao @JonahTheBard 's “making it a small giant” comment. Maybe smaller than a titan but larger than a hero. (Think The Mountain from GoT [Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson]).