[WORKING AS INTENDED] Noor called the fourth Sparrow

@Petri as far as I know, a hero can’t have more than three minions. However, in this screenshot from the video of the fight, we see that after Ulta Red riding hood, Noor has a fourth Sparrow. If necessary, I can provide a video.

4 воробья


Lol. That raises Noor’s value as the only summoner to have 4 minions. Thanks for this, now people may want to get her ascended.


am not that expert, but curious to see the entire raid video.

I think this is similar to the bug that happened with Seshat’s four minions. Definitely worth investigating :slight_smile:


Yes, I also heard about the four Seshat minions from our Russian guys and saw screenshots.

This was mentioned in the Noor hero-thread already. Believe the reason was addressed as well?

Either way, hopefully not a bug - she needs the boost!


I am not a native English speaker, so any forum search is a problem for me. I tried to find similar topics, but I couldn’t. The screenshot I posted here was taken from a video of the fight that took place on July 8. It was not possible to post information about the error earlier


You killed me! I passed out laughing and I’m lying under the table.


It appears this is a visual bug as others have claimed. And I have a comember try his Noor out earlier to confirm or deny such 4-minion “bug”. It does not allow Noor to have 4 minions.

Thanks for posting, we will look into this now. I will update as I know more.


It happened before with PiB, but no confirmed solutions were ever given in that thread.

It’s only visual bug.

Red Hood’s special says:

  • deal 131% damage to all enemies
  • summon a Fox minion for all allies

But if you look at the picture in OP, fox minions are already up there but the special itself is still being casted and the damage was not dealt yet. So the visual interpretation of special skill doesn’t follow the special skill’s order. Creating minions is displayed faster than the damage is done even tho the order is reversed.

Back to Noor - she gets her minion at the same early time as Hood but the damage haven’t been done yet (visually). But the game already calculated the damage and as third Noor’s minion will be destroyed she already got her new third one - resulting in displaying 4 minions for few moments, but she will end up with only three minions but you have to wait for it until the animation ends.

It’s pretty annoying, I’ve already noticed it when I was fighting Tell as Noor gets her minion at the moment Tell fires, but the minion is not damaged at all. Which confused me at first too, but it’s again special skills order.

But it makes sense to deal damage first and then summoning minions (in Noor’s case). Imagine having the order reversed - Noor’s minion could be destroyed and she wouldn’t benefit from minion removals.


Can you submit a Support Request will as much detail as possible such as the date/time this occurred? You can ask for me directly How do I contact Customer Support?

Hi, @Kira ! I am not the author of the video. The video of the fight, from which I posted a screenshot in this topic, was sent to me by a subscriber of my YouTube channel. What should I do? Should I ask the author to send the request to the support service? Or can I send a request and attach videos and screenshots to it? I know the date and time of the fight. I have a screenshot showing the time. I know who carried out the attack, as well as who owns the defense team. I’m just not sure that the author will want to write a request to technical support. Doing this without the knowledge of the English language - it quite uncomfortable. )))

Please have the person who experienced this issue to submit a Support ticket with the details.

Ok, I’ll try to do it.

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Is her left leg a visual bug too, or just not rendered :wink:

She must have miss stepped into poop bucket inside the nest…

Well now she doesn’t look that cute to me… My brain associated her with the smell ^^