[Working as Intended - No Bug] V28 Update : no Claim All button --> Needs TC20 to become available. [Staff Response Post #8]

I installed the newer client version and I see the button , even when one hero was trained. I also tested by clicking the button and it worked .

You need to click on the icon to collect heroes and only then it appears on the bottom.

Yes,she know. When she click the icon to collect heroes, only the “ok” button appear , the “claim all” don’t appear.

yes, it work also for me and all the other person in the ally, except for one person

The Claim All button becomes visible once you have upgraded at least one of your Training Camps to level 20. This is also stated in the Training Camp description.

We have now edited the Release Notes to include this information for awareness.


What a weird requirement. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Exactly. I have 3 TC11 and 1 TC19 because I have no intention of chasing vanilla heroes.

I don’t see why a TC20 should be required to activate a simple and much delayed feature.


It shouldn’t be, but you should do 20 anyway. It’s the best food storage, and provides fodder for the eventual Hero Academy.

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Yes Petri , this is the solution, Thank you.

I don’t see how TC20 is a better food storage and we don’t know anything about HA yet. No offense, and this going off topic but the only point of TC20 is to get vanilla heroes for F2P or C2P players. You can store as much food as you want with more flexibility on a TC11, and you get more feeders for your existing heroes being levelled up.

on my small lvl28 account I’ve updated and removed/reinstalled the game from the play store but the claim all button isn’t available yet

You have to “have” at least 1 ct20… That’s why.
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thanks… I hope they remove the limitation then in the next update

Hi guys and gals

Is anyone having issues with the collect all button not showing up I have 2 tc 20 running and the button is still not showing to collect all heroes at once

Have you finished training? If they are in queue you can’t claim before the training ends… If understood your question right…

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Ahh makes sense will never run out of training thought it could be to collect all prepared aswell

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Please could you post a link to the latest release notes. Thank you.

You can search for things using the magnifying glass at the top of the screen.

Or check the News & Updates thread

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You can’t store as much food as you can on TC 20 as TC 11 without a ridiculous amount of unnecessary time and work.

To store 20 million food on tc11 it would take 40000 recruits. (20,000,000 (total food) ÷ 1000 (food to train) x 2 (recruits) = 40,000)

To store 20 million in TC 20 it takes 6743 recruits. (20,000,000 ÷ 297,000 x 100 = 6743)

There’s not even a comparison.

Closed this thread as the answer has been given by Staff in post 8

Content has now veered somewhat off-topic & can be debated in other threads such as TC 20 Necessary? - #2 by D_DI or Is it worth me continuing to run a TC20? Or switch to TC12 as a food bank?