[WORKING AS INTENDED] Ninja Heroes under AutoPlay AI hold until 3x to fire? Every time?

Was lucky enough to pull Onyx, a new ninja hero. I gave him a test run on a easy level and set it to auto. Looks like the AI won’t fire his special until he’s completely charged up to mana lvl 3. I assume this will be the same on defense. So does this make him a slow hero?!

Don’t know about using it on auto, but I do recall the discussion about how they would function on a defense team. AI “decides” randomly if it will fire at 1, 2, or 3 charges with no clear indication ahead of time what level it will go to when you’re fighting them. I don’t see ninjas as being stellar defense heroes, but they will be big on offense I suspect.

Did it always go to charge 3 when offense was run on auto?

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Yes, every time. I redid the level with the same results.

That doesn’t seem right to me, but what do I know? :stuck_out_tongue:

@DaveCozy @Guvnor Would you expect the ninja heroes to behave on auto like they do on defense- randomly deciding 1/2/3 charges before firing?

Guv has some ninja heroes so I’ll let him answer this question since I didn’t test the ninjas on auto for beta

There is already a topic on this for defense. At the start a random number from 1,2 or 3 is chosen. This gives the charge when the ninja fires. After the special is cast a new random number from 1,2 or 3 is chosen and so on.

I assume it is the same for AI while autoplay.

I haven’t tested them yet on AI control in offence… Just did a fair bit of testing of them on defence AI control…

Hang on & give me a sec but I have a feeling that the OP may be correct :stuck_out_tongue:


OK cross posting this:

Source; 🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

That specifically states tho “when encountered as an enemy”… So on offence under the AutoPlay AI Control I suspect that they SHOULD behave that way too but don’t…

I’ll shift this over to a #bugs-issues section and see if staff have an answer.


We double-checked the Ninja Heroes and they should be working as intended in AutoPlay.


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