[WORKING AS INTENDED] Museum Count Wrong

Here’s a bug that probably nobody cares about…

The Museum Total is currently (Jul 31) showing 822. However, that includes two Ninja heroes not currently available to players in game yet: Morganite (3*) and Tametomo (5*).


I am asking Staff to look at this.


Wow good eye picking that out.

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@Petri any word on this issue?


It seems that Thoth-Amun C is wrongly counted in the museum since Monday too. That’s the third actually unreleased hero/costume that’s wrongly part of the museum.
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Anybody hearing Britney Spears (Oops, I did it again) or Dr Sam Beckett (Oh boy!) in their head right now? :rofl:

Or maybe Whitesnake (Here I go again)

Perhaps I should start a new topic ? :rofl:


I know, and agree, that the rare quest issue is top-priority for the community (myself included) right now but any news on this one? Should be a very easy low-hanging fruit to fix for SGG.
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Is this not just a simple case of the museum creating space for new heroes?

It’s well spotted but really wants wrong with it? It just gives us all an idea of new heroes that are coming.

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This was put into mod chat several times.
Staff has never answered to me.

It seems fixing this (if it will be ever fixed before these heroes will arrive to the game in a portal) is an extremly low priority :frowning:

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Yea, they might fix it only at the last minute when the heroes will finally be officially released. And they will certainly do so, otherwise the portal won’t show the “new” tag under those heroes.

Hi, the counter can sometimes include Heroes yet to be released, especially after an update. I hope this helps to clarify!

Very vague wording here again - a bit like the “solution” to the overlapping quests where the “solution” was “should be fixed in the upcoming update” (emphasis mine) but it’s still there 2 updates later.

Not at all - this “solution” causes me to lose another little bit of faith, and somehow I doubt I’m going to be the only one. :cry:

EDIT TO ADD - We know the counter can sometimes include unreleased Heroes because it’s been doing it for some time, is doing it now and the problem is still growing.

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That’s the weakest “working as intended” in a while. The counter is basically meaningless if unreleased heroes are included. Might as well just drop it, or change the total to 10k, it’s all just as worthless.

As mentioned before this should have been a low hanging fruit fix. Literally, a couple minutes of work. But can’t even get that. Yeah, I’m getting bitter in my old-game-age.


When I walk into a museum in real life I’m always super pumped to see the non-existent exhibits that haven’t been released yet.

Then when I ask the curator where are the missing exhibits it’s so satisfying to hear them say “It’s working as intended”.


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Even if fixing these can not be possible can Staff at least ensure that further unreleased heroes are not added to the museum so that eventualy the counts will match with the released hero count ?


Also, as an update for the future, whenever a hero is (or heroes are) available to be inducted into the museum, consider having the ability to tap on the red ! in the heroes tab and the museum can automatically scroll to the hero that can collect the gems. Tapping on the red ! again (if there is another hero to collect) will scroll to the next one. The current scrolling is very tedious.

Even easier: When a Hero reaches max stats and is eligible for the museum then simply add the gems immediately along with a pop-up “Congratulations” message - no manual collecting required.
Unless you go to the museum immediately after maxing a Hero you have to “hunt” for the right one when you later notice the ! on the base, which is especially hard for a fire Hero!

But, hey - It’s all “working as intended” so no need to change anything, right? :wink:

Today, they updated Thoth-Amun C’s release date to some point in the future and his slot in the museum should be gone. How hard was that? Still not fixed for the two Ninja heroes though…