[Working as Intended] Muggy special not working in Bloody Battle Raid Tournament

Was playing in the raid tourney today and when utilizing Muggy’s special, nothing happened. 1st time I thought it was dispelled but after paying attention to the next time, it is just simply doing nothing.

If the rule is bloody battle then you are correct

Ressurect and heals aren’t supposed to work in bloody battle tournaments

They have at times in the past but not intentionally


Not a bug.

Bloody battle = no healing or reviving

Muggy Revives your allies as Bruiser Bros.


Cannot be dispelled. Not by a 3* hero anyway…

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It’s supposed to be like that. It doesn’t work ressurections

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I know. I also have no idea why you replied to me…

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Hehe. It was me being noob on smartphone. Just reply to the first arrow I saw. It wasn’t for you. Lol. Sorry


Thanks all…didn’t think of it as reviving because he doesn’t revive allies. Makes sense though

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Muggy’s special is not currently working in tournaments. Two different battles and it failed in both. Please fix

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This tournament is bloody battle. Revive/heal effects are disabled.


Why chamelion can’t apply it’s abilities on current war?

What do you mean precisely?
Can you provide some screen shots ore detail a little bit more what issue are you experimenting?

I choose chamelion(sorry, Maggi) in team and start to fight. After chamelion’s mana gone to full, I tried to apply his ability and nobody gone to brotherhood…

Ohh You mean muggy and tournament!
This is a bloody battle tournament so no healing nor revive are allowed…
So even if they became bruiser bros they won’t revive.


Thanks, I somehow forgot that bloody battle also doesn’t allow revive and wanted to report this as bug as well :smiley: lucky me, i didn’t need muggys effect to win the battle

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I think the thread title should be updated? :slight_smile:

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Edited title to be more perceptive… Also @diesdas you might consider Mark this one as solved.
Edit: @ssT1


I’m not the thread opener, so I can’t do that.

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Don’t mind. You are not the only one. Already got 3 opponents using Muggy in Bloody Fight. Probably the reason why I am still in tournament with 2 open losses.
Learn and do better next time @ssT1 :wink:

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