[Working as intended] Kalo Resists Lord Loki's SS Copy

Thank you for the clarification, though it doesn’t make sense because Kalo can be restricted to applying Loki’s straight special skill damage.

Anyway, since SGG has decided, Can SGG please just add this in both Lolo and Kalo cards ?

Suggested wording :

Kalo Card : Casts the special skills of Fallen Allies, except for Lord Loki

Lolo Card : Copies target’s Special skill …, except for Kalo

Adding these 3 words to both cards will pre-empt future confusion and future bug threads.

Thank you

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Thx for the quick answer.

I am like 95% sure what will happen. Something like this use to happen to me long time ago. And I see something like this happen to other people as well. They just want it to work like that. It is their game not our.

As I say before,

The best thing that might happen is that they add description to Kalo and Lord Loki which say that

  • This spell can’t be copied.

If you ask me why “SG never put any specific hero in the description.”, it is because it will not work when another new hero like Kalo or Lord Loki come out.


Remember the good ol’ days when discovering hidden things in video games were good? Like Warp Zones in Super Mario Brothers, or Warren Robinett’s credit room in Adventure…

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That is good enough. Both hero cards must specify the exclusion.

This is not our game. It’s theirs.

We are renting the hero cards.

As with any rental agreement, terms and conditions of usage have to be spelled clearly for both landlord and tenant.

It is fair play to be upfront, transparent and forthcoming with in-built exclusions.

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But in this case, the one who judge if the description is clear enough or not is the landlord :joy:

If they think this is clear enough, it is. They assume that most player can get that those skill can’t be copied with common sense. :smile:

In fact, I have experience with the game that have much worse description than this game. The game live about 5 years and close. Hope that not happen to E&P :slightly_smiling_face:

True true

When tenants get sufficiently frustrated, and this frustration continues to grow with each and every monthly balancing exercise, they move out.

It makes common sense for a landlord to be professional in their dealings.


Welll… when I was kid, I loved playing Doom and was really intrigued of all their secrets. Seriously, I was like pressing space bar on every wall to see if there were hidden doors that could be opened. I was young and had more free time of course.

In this case, every Lord Loki owner should start shooting Lord Loki’s special on every hero available (and every new hero) in the game to see if Lord Loki copies or not, and write the results down.

OR… SG can simply add one more line on Kalo description saying “this special can’t be copied”, as was suggested in this topic.

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Not sure why Lord Loki shouldn’t be able to copy Kalo’s special. All that needs to be done imo is that Lord Loki’s main special can’t be copied and it would default to the direct hit/villain swing.

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Yes, that is another reason why some people leave that game (the game I have experience with).

And that is why I hope that not happen to E&P …much :sweat_smile:

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How is this working as intended, that is a skill. He should be copying every aspect of the skill

Probably wrong first thought

There is a dead loki and a kalo on one team and a loki from the other team copies kalo.
Kalos special is using the special of the dead allies (in this case dead loki) + damage.
So loki copies it does damage and fires the dead loki skill - > copies kalo - > does damage and copies the dead loki → copies kalo…

So they could make excuses for dead lokis in the same team as kalo, but that gets very fast quite messy when there are new heroes with similar skills, so they go the easy way and just prevent loki coping kalo. I see no real problem whoever has loki will learn it after the first try, for the rest it doesn’t make any difference and it’s not like loki is suddenly a bad hero because he can’t copy 2 heroes out of the hundreds in the game

Edit, I think I have a a logic failure there.

So this should be correct:
Opposite has kalo.
Your team has one dead loki and 1 living loki. Because loki does the firing he just “borrows” the special skill from the opponent.

You fire loki and copy kalo.
Now loki has the skill of kalo does damage and because of the dead loki ally also fires the loki special again.
Loop repeats.
In this case it even doesn’t help that loki can’t copy himself because he doesn’t copy loki, so the coding would be even more messy.


This leads me to another question:

What happens if you have 2 Kalos, and 3 hitters.
Only surviving 1 kalo.
You fire it.
Kalo uses the 3 hitters doing damage and fires dead kalo doing damage + using the dead heroes special skill.

The videos I have seen so far is kalo doing the specials not the dead heroes.

So in this case he would do 3 times damage and than start again because of the dead kalo.

Another infinite loop. Could someone test it?
Would be really interesting.

They already said that Kalo can’t use speciall from another dead Kalo


Too sad, but thanks for the confirmation.
Now I only need him :rofl:

This has a logic in it’s insanity!

The solution is simple…

just add the “Resist” tag on that hero when you try to use Loki on him

Lord Loki can not copy… Lord Kalo!!!

Off topic: …or the magic word ‘xyzzy’ from the text game Cave Adventure (years before consoles were invented)

On Topic: why can’t Lord Loki’s card say simply that he cannot copy skills that involve additional skill copying?

And also what about 5 kalos, 1 alive 4 dead. Will it be infinite loop? With the explanation of Kalos special it should be. More explanations should have been added. You earn so much money, at least do sth about it.

He copy LoLo…try use LoLo when he is alone then fire in Kalo…if all allies are alive then he copy first special skill if not then will see

Loki’s card doesnt say it cant copy some cards
I understand loki cant copy another loki and deals only the straight weak damage
But kalo’s card doesnt say it cant be copied
Fix kalo’s card or make loki able to copy his attack “the 1st one or 2nd one”
I see devs dont want loki to copy his last skill when the fallen allies copied or maybe they dont know how or maybe too lazy to put some new code lines…welp fix it