[Working as intended] Kalo Resists Lord Loki's SS Copy

Why does Kalo Resist Lord Loki’s SS copy and LoLo does Villain Swing instead?
This seems like incorrect behavior to me. Am I missing something?


Hmmm Kalo does have a special: Straight damage.

Should do 270% damage.


Because Kalo’s special can not be copied. Kalo’s special is like Lord Loki’s special. Lord Loki also can not copy another Lord Loki.

Anyway, thank you for conform this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why can’t Kalo be copied ?

He does straight damage 270%. If no ally is dead


Based on what?

You can clearly see “Resist” pop-up to block LoLo’s attempt to copy. Why?

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It should be copied, Loki should hit for 270% because all his allies are alive and if for example Glenda would be dead then he should hit for 135% and use Glenda skill.

I think devs have to answer this question.


That’s my point. I checked his card passive and FB. Nothing there says Resist


In fact, Kalo’s special can not be copied because it is marked as something like “can not be copied” in database no matter if there is no death ally or not.

From that video. It is because the program code is marked as something like “can not be copied” without checking any condition

@BlackZed @DGERic The reason why it is marked as something like “can not be copied” because it is like debug to prevent Kalo and Lord Loki copy each other.

I don’t say it is really impossible to be copy. It is possible to make Lord Loki able to copy Kalo. But that will add more complication to the program code and might cause loops. To prevent what might happen, the dev do that

About resist, I think the “Resist” appear because Lord Loki can’t copy Kalo (Kalo resist Lord Loki;s copy). I think it will be same for Lord Loki copy Lord Loki.

Anyway, I think it is still need dev to conform this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes. We need official answer on this.

If it’s a limitation, then it needs to be expressly worded.

Lolo cannot copy enemies that have no special or have immunity against being copied. For such cases, he does straight damage.

I get your logic. It makes sense. But it should be stated expressly on Kalo’s card : Immunity to copy or something like that.

It shouldn’t be yet another nugget of info that players need to remember.


Without some in-game documentation saying Kalo can’t be copied by LoLo this feels like a bug. Players should rightly expect that LoLo casting against Kalo should get Kalo’s SS, not Villain Swing.


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I’m not sure if Petri is checking all @, so @Dudeious.Maximus could you ask staff about this one?

I have notified Staff to check that is the behavior is expected or not.


Well, that’s a stew of words that were randomly thrown together.

Anyways, it’s clearly a bug.

I don’t consider this is “clearly bug” but consider it as “possible bug” instead.

If it work as intent (Kalo and Lord Loki can’t copy each other), so that is fine. It may show “resist” as Kalo resist Lord Loki’s copy. It might need some more description on that but very unlikely since SG never put any specific hero in the description.

What? Lol! Thanks for the laugh. Definitely a bug. Things that can’t be copied/stopped/overwritten are always labeled in passives or special skill.
Loki’s skill copies a special and uses it as his own.

Unless there is a specific disclaimer that states it cannot be copied, it should be copied by Loki’s special. Thus, making it a bug. Your assumptions on how this hero has been coded and what is in the app’s database is completely irrelevant.

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Lord Loki can’t copy Kalo, and Kalo can’t copy Lord Loki. This is intended due to technical reasons. When Loki tries to copy another Loki or Kalo it will show the text “resist”.


This doesn’t really tell us anything, though. What are the “technical reasons”? Is the code too complex to implement? Too strong to let Lord Loki copy it?
Lord Loki can’t copy another Lord Loki because it would create a loop so it makes sense to just not let it happen. This one just doesn’t make sense to put hard code a resist without actually giving insight for the logic.


Okay, how are in-game players supposed to know that so they can make tactical decisions?

There’s shouldn’t be a “hidden” passive Resist that just pops up when you try to use a certain SS against an enemy.


Lord Loki can’t copy Kalo, and Kalo can’t copy Lord Loki. This is intended due to technical reasons. When Loki tries to copy another Loki or Kalo it will show the text “resist”.

@Dyna49 Exactly as I say. That is what SG normally do.


Sure. But I (like most people) expect things to be stated and not hidden behind hard coded lines somewhere.

Yea, you definitely called it out and definitely is not impossible, but it is definitely a shady way of doing it.