[Working as Intended -- Dispell can be dodged] Dodge not being debuffed

So, I had a situation today in war and I am pretty sure it’s a bug. C-Kadilen went off with her special and gave the defensive team a dodge buff. I had Kageburado charge up and attacked Ariel who was on defense who subsequently dodged the attack, even though Kage is supposed to debuff before he hits, which should remove the dodge buff.

I did a forum search and did not find a similar topic created, but it was discussed briefly here:

Of which the answer given was:

However while the explanation could make sense, to me I still think it’s wrong. The reason I think it’s wrong is because the Dodge buff was first started with Margaret, she was given a special skill that made her immune to dispels, a skill that C-Kadilen was not given.

If the intent of the dodge buff was to also allow Margaret to dodge the dispels, it would make her special immunity to them almost entirely pointless, as she could just dodge them anyway.

That said, I’d like to get official word if this is a bug that needs to be fixed or if in fact it is working as intended.

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Do we have an official response to this? Thanks.

Costume Kadilen protect you from anything not only direct damage so she can dodge dispell.
Read the skill description, it is not a bug.

it it working as intended

inari and kadilen buffs can dodge ANYTHING including dispel and status ailments

the other other dodge mechanics are for damage only (dispel and status ailments are still applied normally)
those are including Margaret/little John costume, ninja family bonus and rouge class perk

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Can they dodge Guardian Chameleon’s skill?

Yes, they can dodge it also.

Really? That’s interesting as Cham is supposed to remove all enemy buffs and status effects, regardless of whether it is dispellable or not.

Edit: Yes. It is confirmed. Those heroes under costumed Kadilen’s spell do have a chance to dodge dispel, even the buffs removal of Guardian Chameleon. I guess this is settled then.

So, while monks may be damaged by specials but can withstand any accompanying status effects such as blind, defense down, elemental defense down, DoT, etc., is it possible then that heroes under Kadilen’s dodge effect may evade the initial dispel by Kageburado but not the actual damage from the special?

Never happen to me if dodge work he never do dmg maybe his skill is programmed to work as one. When he attack he always miss or do dmg never saw 2 dodge for dispell and dmg.

Thank you for the report! We have checked this here and it should be working as intended.


If they dodge, they dodge both the dmg and dispell/ailment.


  • Withstand: resist the ailment, does not prevent the damage
  • Evade: resist the damage, does not prevent the ailment
  • Dodge: resist the damage and the ailment, basically act as if not got hit by the special at all.

Aren’t they the same? Evade is the talent of the Rogues, which provides a chance to dodge.

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As @Suicide_Bunny points out, Evade can only avoid damage. Not status effects. Dodges can dodge both the damage and status effect(s) that come with the skill.


Am I correct to state that Dodge refers to the skill of costumed Kadilen, Margaret, Inari and Jade while Evade pertains to the talent of Rogues?


Yes. 20 correct statements


Thanks for your clarification Petri, much appreciated.

I looked at it again and for some reason thought her special was modeled to be the same as Margaret, but it’s not. So it makes sense that she would dodge the dispel, too.


Have a read of this

C. Kadilen’s dodge makes a dodge check for any condition, including dispel. For this video, C. kadilen is dodge Kage’s dispel.
In addition, Caedmon’s dispel also has a dodge check, and if they succeed in dodge, allies with the C. Kadilen buff will get minions.

To add to the people above: There are three types of dodge.

  1. Ability to dodge special skills (cKadilen, Inari, cLJ) → possibility to dodge everything of the special skill, even buff dispels, ailments etc.

  2. Ability to dodge special skills that deal [direct] damage (Margaret, cLJ, Rogue emblemed hero) → possibility to dodge only damage of the special skill. Will not dodge ailments such as def down or buff dispels.

  3. Ability to dodge normal attacks and special skills (Ninja event heroes) → possibility to dodge everything. Tiles and all sorts of special skills.

Edit: Thanks @Dudeious.Maximus :slight_smile:


Also ninjas dodge yeah?

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It’s fine. Eventually there will be some bug where dodge doesn’t always work, and then instead of fixing it to work as intended they’ll decide the new behavior should apply universally, nerfing dodge in the process.

Not that I’m still annoyed about how they handled reflect. Ahem.