[WORKING AS INTENDED] Cooldown timer for Legendary and Rare levels of MV not shown

Seems the cooldown timer for Legendary and Rare levels of MV is not displayed after collecting the loot. My screenshots below…

Before collecting the loot…

…and after…

The cooldown tower for regular MV is visible after I collected the loot…but nothing for the other two levels…


same here , gladly to see that is enabled but we do not know when and if will be available again :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here and if it gives 1 gem and 1 minor healing potion, maybe it is better if we dont see the timer :smiley:

LoL :rofl:

naah…I got a 4* dark aether from legendary…

wow and the timer appears:

next vision: 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes… :smiley:

Cooldown times.

I am forwaring the report of the missing cooldowns to Staff.


I have received an answer back from Staff.
The missing cooldown is intended and it was a design choice.
The longer cooldowns will appear only when the next MV opportunity is close to be available.


Thank you for the super quick clarification @PlayForFun

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Actually it makes sense. I would be maybe disturbing to watch 3 differenet counters on a small area. Especially because it goes for a week :slight_smile:
Thank you for the information

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7 days to get an okish loot :melting_face::sweat_smile::melting_face:

Normal vision gave me better loot than legendary…just saying… :slight_smile:

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This is what i meant
Legendary mv is meh and severely nerfed from beta

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The cooldown timer seems to appear when MV is approaching (less than 12 hours I guess)

Yea, as per the official reply just a few post above yours :person_shrugging:

@PlayForFun can you tag your post as the solution?!

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