[WORKING AS INTENDED] Baldur’s health bar wrong colour when he boosts his health

Baldur’s healthbar becomes a shade of light green when his health is boosted. Also the wording of his special is still a bit off, it suggests that he also gets his buff when any ally boosts his health, but functionally this is not the case. Thanks

The bright green bar on the left is the added health.
Your first screenshot states 1928 off which 494 are added, the bright green bar is about 25% of the complete bar
Your third screenshot states 2868 of which 1434 (100% cap) are added, the bright green bar Is about 50% of the complete bar, so nothing wrong

His skill description is misleading. First he has to boost his health by his own skill, but other health boosters (heimdall e.g.) may support him staying there. But not 100% sure about this


I remember the boosted health bar being white? Not sure if the change was intentional or a visual bug? I believe you are correct in your bottom paragraph. Will test with Gullinbursti to make sure (wish I had Heimdall haha)

I think it’s a visual bug. Something similar happens with mana bars often. The mana bar should be light blue but sometimes my mana bars are like a dulled out dark blue or some weird color.

I’ve had that before too. Alfrike, Merlin and Hansel and Gretel seemed to cause that pretty frequently. I believe Hansel and Gretel have just been fixed though

just tried Baldur & Heimdall together.

if HP is boosted with Heimdall first, Baldur won’t start attacking. he has to cast his special first, afterwards Heimdall’s boost will help him to keep attacking

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Correct. For the Random Damage & Mana cut protection, he needs to have the “brawler” buff active & allies must have the little double triangle symbol active.

Is the green bar is a visual indicator (possibly a second one) that his skill is active?

Thank you for reporting, however, this is not a bug, it was an intended change that came in V 32. The light green is the new look for boosted health.


the indicator is the fist icon. the light green bar only show that the health is boosted. it is same for any other health booster

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