[Working as Intended] Atlantis Rises Schedule Change [SGG Response in post 104, 126 & 129]

is it just me or is it everyone’s in game chat slow and glitchy?

who chats during AR? :stuck_out_tongue:
I was surprised by the sudden appearance of AR, but hey, there’s never a bad time to boost my backpack training!

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we have a guy who doesn’t wanna use line or any other way of communication. so we have to post everything in group chat and in game.
Happy AR hunting! :grin:

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Mine’s not slow. Maybe close it and open it again. Worked for me in the past. :blush:

Can we expect challenge events to follow same schedule (I believe Avalon is expected coming Wednesday on 12th) or does that change too?


I think it will be just AR changes in schedule. AR will be first weekend of the month and season 3 last weekend.

That’s right!
It was the translator!
Already changed!

Well this is shock come on!
FORGOT to tell everyone the one thing people look forward to the biggest complaining when you shortened it!
Not very good! At least a decent thing to do is chuck a free WE flask for everyone! @Staff_SGG


Greedy, greedy, greedy…! :smile:

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Make this all better, just officially announce Season 3 at the end of the month.


Hello @Petri

Can’t we get the Raining Loot Tockets Offer back on the table for purchase?

Since it was a a mistake on SGG’s communication and the duration is shortened, we could at least have the opportunity to buy the offer again.


Raining Loot Tickets AR Offer (90 LT, 300AC and 300gems,I think) will be available on Sunday, last day of AR.

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The loot ticket offer the day before AR is far more preferable to me and it would be nice to get it.

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Agreed. The Raining Loot Ticket offer was displayed without any indication AR was going to be this early in the month and we were already deciding on if paying the Premium Pass for POV.

The AR last day offer isn’t gonna cut because it’s just for the last moments. We should have the opportunity to get more loot tickets before because we couldn’t save the ones from VIP and chests all month long.

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You know, what works with us.

Nothing says ‘sorry’ like a flask or two.

And no, we are not alcoholics!


Forgot to announce…:joy::joy::joy:

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Hey anyone help , Game Centerthe mission button is gone , I can’t see the map now , how can I play ?

Just go to the map via your base…

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I don’t think they can confirm season 3 will start this month. They probably plan to do that, but as it is still being tested in beta, there’s still risk that something terribly wrong will be discovered and delay the deployment for bug fixes.

So even if they aim for this month, imagine when they announce it but then it gets delayed by a month. People would eat them alive. Better to not confirm anything and not commit to any date unless it’s known for sure nothing will impact it.


Will this impact on Avalon’s start date?

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