[Working as Intended] Atlantis Rises Schedule Change [SGG Response in post 104, 126 & 129]

Really professional. We forogt.


And now starting on Friday instead of Thursday.
@Petri does this mean AR is shortend with 1 day or will it run till Sunday?

This is like having Christmas in July. Feels wrong.


So since this month, AR will be at 1st Friday each month?

Yes, that is right. :slight_smile: The new Season 3 event will replace the previous slot.


I’d like to return my food harvester :see_no_evil::rofl:

I didn’t get any tickets.?! :thinking:

We’re hoping so. :crossed_fingers: More information soon (I’ll promise we’ll announce it this time!).


Same here. I am confused.

Ok, apology accepted for the delayed information. Now I will have to replan my schedule, because I am short on loot tickets to restock mats.


Does it mean it comes out this month? If not, why was AR moved early?

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@amrath not everyone is a native english speaker. I’m sure he meant “are” instead of “were”. It’s a suggestion to SG.


It’s okay everyone! It’s just one Atlantis out of the many we’ve had, and many more to come. It may not be as ideal for loot ticket and flasks, but we’ll be back on track next month.


As an early JF owner I was hoping to save my AR summons for the last moment, to include a Telluria chance…

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Before the current atlantis is over, can we get a confirmation if season 3 is going to start this month? I planned to spend my gems in atlantis, but if first s3 summons are going to be available in february, that would affect my decisions, and I’m probably not the only one.


I won’t have them for much longer :blush:. Saving for a chance at the Avalon bunch. And a shot at JF also… There’ll be 130 coins until Avalon’s done, so coin pulls 13 pulls and then some gems… who knows…

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I haven’t got any tickets. Is that truly a apologize reward or is it just wishful thinking?

Thank you @Petri for getting back to us on this matter. Can’t wait for Season 3. :wink:


Me neither! I’m asking!

Did Petri or anyone else say so? No, therefore it’s not true.

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