[Working as Intended] Atlantis Rises Schedule Change [SGG Response in post 104, 126 & 129]

Gato pull and a seadragon in map, it’s all real

Lol he is good for mono dark

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Please pull back AR. Not ready yet @Petri


Same, so unexpected :frowning:

Just pulled an Azlar on a single pull… First one too!


Atlantis on the first Friday of the month? Took me by surprise. Is it a harbinger that S3 starts later this month?


The food harvester only works for S1 map levels unfortunately!

That’s the point :see_no_evil:

20 food harvesters

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Ah got you! Wasted opportunity :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@zephyr1 @Petri any idea why Atlantis just rose and is way way way early? Is this correct?


it’s a trap! 0_0

Please stop complaining why atlantis today and start playing maps

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For those who already use S1 harvester, this unannounced rising is unwelcome.

Like I said I cannot be mad, This makes my WE flask savings feel awkward especially with a challenge event next week and farmhole.


I have only 3 flasks and 21 tickets, and cannot do s2-10.1 N( Planned for more, but forced for less)

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Why weren’t there any announcements about this? Many players were not ready for the event. crystals and flasks did not have time to stock up.

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Atlantis Rising today should be some kind of a bug. Noone is ready for it.

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Very hard when they spring stuff on us like this WITHOUT an announcement. With other changes, they gave us a “heads up” so why not this time? Normally this event is at end of the month (3rd week) and after the challenge event. I would have prepared differently had I known it was coming!

Or at least give us a WE flask or something. So many things going on again with the new Valor activity too.

Usually there is a raining loot ticket offer before atlantis, without it, many players will not ready for farming. Probably a bug.

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