[Working as Intended] Atlantis Rises Schedule Change [SGG Response in post 104, 126 & 129]

V 26 should be costumes, Valor and S3, at least that’s what I got fallowing Bata players. But that all 3 updates will be realised in 28 days? That’s crazy.

Bug ??

Open atlantis…

Wondering the same thing?!?!

:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:I would like to know this too

Not only that, but it’s only for 2 days and 12 hours…12 short of the 3 days!


I saw the ‘buy atlantis’ offer and was surprised.
Open the summon portal, check if I was drinking coffee this morning instead of booze, and see the Atlantis portal.
Don’t know if I am happy or not yet :rofl:

Not many loottickets to be gathered from the last Atlantis till now but always happy to see the option to gain some faster Exp, reqruits and extra backpacks.
But I guess if this is the new schedule we will be waiting for a month now till next AR will be available again.

Would be nice if we could get some official reply from SG or a heads up would be even more nice.


You can see JF by tapping the ? Near Mok Arr on the summons page.

I’ll bet S3 is coming after the next update that will be out after the challenge event. V27 is being tested heavily in beta so it makes sense

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Am almost sure that this was supposed to be the new AR time after season 3 released, and they planned that with PoV but somehow they removed season 3 patch from the update but forgot to keep AR at its original time

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I’m not doing any pulls or summons in case the daily tasks include something from Atlantis. I learned my lesson with Mystic Vision!


It’s only for two days

Atlantis Surp-rises, what’s the matter? Stop complaining and wondering, start playing!


Why AR started today? Featuring Frida, Ariel, Delilah and Mok-Arr?

Dont ask just play :slight_smile:

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20 days too early? I have Atlantis offers and summon portal :flushed: @Petri is this a mistake or will it be every 2 weeks now?

I used that food harvester this morning :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Same. Has to be a mistake


Has appeared for me also… is this an Error or Change in the game?


Me too, what’s going on? Febuary suprise?


Currently very surprised! Logged in to see Atlantis up, sort of want to see what happens if I make a pull…

Someone forgot the 2 on the February 27th start date.


I did 1 pull and got a Mok-Arr, I odn’t know if I should be happy or sad… lol…


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