[Working as Designed] Frosted Shields & Shards

[Bug] Frosted Shields & Shards

If a Frosted Shield is one of 5 matched shields, it will form a Power shard.

If a Frosted Shield is one of 5 matched shields, an a 6th shield of the same color is touching one of the 5 shields, it does NOT form a Power shard.

If a Frosted Shield is one of 6+ matched shields, it does NOT form a Power shard.

Game version 1.9.1 build 256
Account (not public)
iPod Sixth Generation (model MKWR2LL/A)
iOS version 9.3.5 (13G36)

Elena’s Terminology from Tutorial
Dragon Shield- appearance monster face, pressing removes it and the adjacent 4 shields, created by matching 4 shields.
Power Shard- appearance faceted Marquise cut jewel, pressing removes it and all shields, including dragon shields, of the same color.

Hrm, I don’t remember seeing that in beta, any way you can screen cap or record it if you’re able to repeatedly test it?

The issue I saw is if the diamond / skull (shard in your terminology) should be created where the frosted tile is, it does NOT form. This was explicitly found in Beta and mentioned by multiple people and not corrected so I’m guessing it’s a feature; is it possible that’s happening here too? I’ve gotten some weird diamond spawn locations from more than 5 tiles especially if it’s created through a cascade.

So far I have not been able to get a board with the correct shield pattern to duplicate my results above (my team is only 2500 power, so testing is not going well).

I have been able to test your issue (would like to post a video, but not running iOS 11):

A) If the Frosted shield would normally form a Dragon Shield or a Power Shard, it does not but simply becomes a normal shield.

B) If a normal shield would normally form a Dragon Shield or a Power Shard, and 2 of the shields involved are frosted, it does not but simple becomes a troop and attacks the monsters.

B is incorrect you still get the special tile if the shield is not frosted, no matter how.many of the others are frosted

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Weird, going through my screen shots, that appears to have happened (I would love to have a video of it, but I don’t have iOS 11). I cannot further test it since my team crashed hard on their current stage of “Save the Winter”.

I’ll keep an eye on it while I complete, but this is how it was in beta

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I just fought a battle with two frozen gems and still made a normal 5 shield gem

Can confirm this, I’ve noticed that shards work really weird with frosted shields, a 5 or more match sometimes provides a shard, other times it doesn’t. Haven’t conducted a detailed research myself though, thanks Gryphonknight

Is this similar to the following thread? Kaf answered noting that it was intended design:

I have noticed that the shield that was used to match-5+ must not be frosted to form the power shard. Ditto dragons – match-4 used must not be the one that connected to form the dragon.

During combos though, I have noticed that the power-shard / dragon will form from a cascade.


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