[Working as Design] Raid ends with a counter attack

I raided a team with Cyprian. Thornes are the last man standing on both sides. Mine was attacking with tiles that would finish the other which had a counter attack buff.

The enemy Thorne died with counter attack that killed mine but the result was my defeat.

Shouldn’t it be a win to me as the enemy died first and then the counter attack killed my last man?

Unfortunately Not…

This seems to be the way that it goes where-by you have to have a hero left standing at the END of the tile cascade which kills the enemy hero.

Note, raids end after tile movement but BEFORE DoT is applied (i.e. you can win a raid even if your hero is poisoned & would die in the next application)

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You’re raiding their tower, no way win if there’s no one left to run off with the loot.


I like this logic very much. Thank you. :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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Not gonna lie, saw someone else post that somewhere. Stuck with me. :grin:

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I like the logic too. Totally convinced.

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