Work of moderators helping to hide SG problems?

Please, lets’s discuss, how moderators should help the community. Or how they should behave, if SG is not doing everything well.

Here are some examples (but do not be attached to them, they are just examples):

Few minutes ago I cerated a Ideas & Feature request: What do you think: Restitution scheme if nerfing Tell and Vella

It is an Idea where players can support my proposal of specific compensation scheme.
Moderators merged it with another thread (Building a nerf and compensation policy) that:

  1. Is not an Idea category, but Discussion only!
  2. Is at the moment closed.

= So effectivelly moderators hided it 4 minutes after creating it.

They also closed thread Are gem boards random or based on a play table? [Staff Response in Post #240, #276], where @Rigs pointed out, that moderators are hiding important problems.

Few months ago they did the similar to thread, where I pointed out, if the summons are trully random or based on previous purchases.

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Well, doesn’t really make sense if the same things will be discussed over and over again in different threads with the same result.

Therefore, the mods did the only right thing.


I agree totally with what you are saying. I for one see too many threads all about the same thing. Mainly Telluria, Vela, Rebalancing, etc etc.
And people repeating the same thing over and over again. It’s currently very toxic in the forum. But I suppose only to be expected given the current state of affairs.
That said, I find it odd that a new post is merged with a thread that’s closed. Doesn’t make sense to me but I haven’t looked

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I’d rather ask moderators why it was closed rather than coming up with another thread which is pure… image


Yeah, what ever. But the result is same. It is hidden for general public.

Yes, it’s a very similar topic :slightly_smiling_face:
The forum rules prohibit duplicate threads.
The fact that it’s not a vote is irrelevant unfortunately, the votes do not really count towards anything :man_shrugging:t3:
If we didn’t merge posts, we’d currently have 190 threads discussing trading heroes. That would be confusing, don’t you think :thinking:

It was closed due to toxic behaviour and will open in a couple of hours when everyone has calmed down.

This thread was also closed temporarily due to toxic posts. It’s now open; please check before making accusations.

This is one of the most common posts made. Please search before posting as per the forum rules.

Discussing moderator decisions is also against the forum rules, but hey, I’m feeling merciful. That being said, this thread will be closed.

Spreading false information is also against the rules, I’d be much appreciated if folks would do a little searching before posting. Then I’d have time to make more memes and write more poetry.


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