Work in progress

This is my Def Team…any thoughts and suggestions? I’m always looking for improvement…@Scarecrow, I would apreciate your opinion! :wink:

All of your team but Frida is great in a defense. You could try to change her with the following heroes:

  1. Finley
  2. Gravemaker
  3. Drake Fong
  4. Alasie
  5. Black Knight
  6. Neith
  7. Magni
  8. Marjana
  9. Inari

Wouldn’t that level 17 mana troop be more beneficial on Kunchen?

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Agree, @tomb :wink:…I’m just levelling another purple mana troop for him…in the meantime I wanted to give Kunchen more Def and Seshat more Att

Kingston is designed to be flank, not wing, because of his special. And Frida is not a defensive hero (no elemental def debuff is defensive, because their purpose is only offensive). So King instead her. As for the right wing, also a fast sniper. I speak only from my point of view, as attacker. The average speed defenses are like shooting fish in a barrel for me :smile:

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These are my works in progress, @Scarecrow

RED: Mitsuko
BLUE: Misandra
PURPLE: Victor
GREEN: Alberich

FAST heroes maxed are Magni, Joon+7, Jabberwok+5, 2nd Seshat, Lianna, and Marjana+9

Marjana then. The best place for a rogue, is the wing. As already all people know (almost all, anyway), a wing is take out mostly by specials. That’s why the rogues should be set exclusively wings. Could be nightmarish. Even more nightmarish than a scarecrow in one’s dreams :rofl:

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Then, once Alberich maxed: left wing for him, and Seshat for Marjana?:wink:

Will talk. I don’t have time to think right now, I have to complete 6 chests (2 in Puzzle Combat). Later…

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Sorry, guy​:joy::joy::joy:…ok :wink: