Work in progres

ok fine apologies accepted ok! but I want to let you know that beyond what is happening and human, making a mistake is persevering is diabolical, the game continues to give me only slow 5-star heroes that do not make me progress! but too much!!! do something to make progress for those who spend and those who don’t always have to be the dog that turns around and bites its tail! This situation of throwing money away to always remain stationary like a nail to the wall is also very frustrating! after a while also enough please grace!!!

I absolutely love that you didn’t finish spelling “progress” in the title. Don’t ever change that!

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it happened without doing it on purpose, it’s just a condition that is influencing everyone to make human mistakes lol… but from the heroes who have been giving me lenses lately with scandalous %%% they are really too exaggerated not to recognize it! crazy!:lol: it’s a penalty!

it’s not cheap on top of that! so treat yourself to a couple of balls lol

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