Won't stay in province / Atlantis on Hard Mode kicks out in main map [FIXED in Version 26]

Season 2 province 1 & 6 (maybe all) replaying for tools to train recruits won’t go to map of province for next province but to shot of map of Atlantis.

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Is this what you are talking about. Short video following to show after I played third stage when I press next it goes to Map instead of to the next stage. @littleKAF @zephyr1


I was under the impression that, after everything was beaten in s2, anytime you hit the “next” button, it automatically takes you to the end of the map. Is that not what it’s supposed to do?

The way it’s been as long as I’ve been playing as it would do that after you completed the last stage of any providence. But it is doing it even after stage one or in the videos case stage three so when I press next after stage III and should just bring up the same providence automatically and I could go right to stage four. @zephyr1 when you have the time can you see if this is actually a bug but it just doesn’t seem right to me it shouldn’t go back to the map every time and it did not do it before the version planning for update. I also updated the 24.01

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During the AR, when I farm S2, I press “replay” instead “next”. Problem solved. Btw, I reported this issue 2 months ago. Too lazy now to look for the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey thanks, Lots of threads to look for :rofl: I wasn’t sure if they knew about it or not so I was just trying to help the OP. The replay does work properly but now the powers that be are aware of the problem for sure. So all is well. Have a great day!!!

With each level completed in the Atlantis of a province, it jumps off to the map, it is not practical, it is rather annoying to have to search the province again. Before I only left the province when I wanted to … started and ended all levels without having to always be looking for the province to continue progress.

Sorry for the bad english, it’s not my beach … if any errors was the translator

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After completing a level (stage) in a province in Hard Mode (for the first time?!) - when pressing Next button sends you out in main map (at the center is Province 27) instead of the current province map.

Then you have to look for the province you were in enter it and find your next level (stage).

It looks like this has been addressed by the devs in version 26. I was farming hard for coins today and noticed that after I finished a level, I stayed in the same province. I don’t see it mentioned specifically in the release notes, but it probably falls under the note:

  • Various smaller UI improvements.

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