Wonderland vs Atlantis

Sometimes, I tried to imagine using him at AW -arrow barrage, and possibly in those situations where most viable heroes were all used, no Wilbur in the team… And then when he fires…then arrows…

Well have fun with him.

So on topic, this last quarter of the year posed options of summons for some fantastic heroes, so far none of them would be bad choice.

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I will have fun. Really just trying to find a use for a disliked hero. If people tried him they would be surprised. Like many others he needs to be used correctly. He’s not a sniper.

Regarding summons with the 3 given there isn’t a bad choice.

Atlantis comes monthly so I think personally I would go with one of the events.

Good heros and new heros coming then Christmas (Santa, MN, Buddy)…tough call


Ok I tried. The board was pretty darn good after the red cascade went away but he was able to fire.


Pretty darn lucky board!, I see with Kunchen and Onat, manageable for someone with deep bench. Would possibly consider him after like 36 Tabards…:blush:

It was a pretty solid board. Guin got destroyed. haha

He is not someone to use your first set or 2 of tabbards on no.

But as you said if you have a deep bench you can afford to have a little fun and try stuff out.

I maxed him before Sartana just to have some fun and have some other options than snipers.

I have Kunchen Seshat Khiona Victor maxed besides him in purple so that justified it for me.

Yeah it was fun to watch, didn’t expect Guin to hang in there after those cascades
Agreed you do have some solid darks, and thanks for the motivation, would still continue to give it a thought, may be take him to 3/70 after Domitia and Obakan both from TC20.

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I just wanted to share some positive things I have found with him.

Things you don’t really see until you put him to use.

Good luck and thanks for watching.


Yep. Seems a lot of people who trash him, haven’t used a maxed one before. I use him with panther in a 3-2 stack and he destroys teams. If I get lucky enough to find a war team with 2 holy heroes to face it only gets better

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I would honestly go with Atlantis. Sounds like you are missing some of the best 4* Atlantis heroes and those are the more realistic ones that you could get in a 10 pull. While the event heroes are great, the odds of getting one in a 10 pull are just so low. Plus, Atlantis gives you the ascension chest for every 10 pull.

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