Wonderland pulls (Summons) [MASTER]


Four 10x summons netted 2x Hatter, Isarnia, Leonidas, Captain, and 2x Kunchen.

One single pull for good measure brought Alice!


this really is the epitome of luck…





1 x 10 plus 3 additional summons


10x summon, got the Queen on my last pull


So very envious!!! I want Alice and Hatter SO bad! Congrats


2 10x summons

First 10 got:
Caedmon (new)
Cyprian (2nd)
Kiril (4th)
Rigard (3rd)
Skittleskull (3rd)

Second 10 got:
Captain of Diamonds (new)
Justice (new)
Colen (new)
Queen of Hearts (new)
Li Xiu (4th or 5th)

Rest were 3*s, VERY glad I chose to do a second 10 pull :sunglasses:


10 pull


1st 10x

2nd 10x


Man, I am really sorry. Your luck is right on par with mine…


Decided to do one more glad I did


Did two single pulls and got the queen of hearts.

What’s consensus on her? She looks decent as a centre?


Wanted Alice, got Thorne :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


so final single pull done (thx to my alliance gifts:) )… 10 +1+1 and the end result…


Did 3 10 pulls. Got only captain of diamonds on the first 2 for new heroes, but then got another captain, a Sartana (2nd but great) and Kunchen! Very happy overall!


First 10 pull: Queen and the Cat.


10 pull + 3 more, got nothing, already ate them all


Wanted the Cat, but got Capt of Diamonds, the rest feeders (for the most part)

Wont complain…much :wink:


No screenshots, but I did two 10-pulls:

Ulmer, Belith, Rigard, Gunnar, Hu Tao, Valen, Balthazar, Dawa, Capt of Diamonds, Brienne

Dawa, Chao, Cyprian, Renfeld, Isshtak, Colen, Cheshire Cat, Cyprian, Nashgar, The Hatter

QTY 11 of 3*
QTY 8 of 4*
QTY 1 of 5*


I got two cpt diamonds and a cat. Quite happy with those. Cat is very interresting and fun