Wonderland pulls (Summons) [MASTER]


This event is sad. It’s the same event that they ha e had for the last few…just a different face. Same template. And none of the hero’s are
Really any good. I rather sad. There was so much potential and they just dropped the ball.


I made 3x10 and I only got the chesyre cat, indignant.


600 diamonds - Berden and Cheshire Cat


10 pull. Got my first Azlar and Alice!!!

Kicker is I have the scopes to take her all the way!


1 x 10 pull
got 5* x 3 rest are normal 4* and 3*s
Red Queen
Happy Valentines Day!


2x10 Cheshire, Captain and Kunchen

I’m good with the 4*s as they were what I needed to fill some voids.

Kunchen was a surprise…Now I have every 5* Dark except for Panther… I’ll be 150 by the time I amass enough tabards for all of them…>.<

Did an extra 3 random pulls and got Hatter as well… :grin:


1x10 pull
Alice, rest are food. Not bad. Would be happy to get any wonderland 4*, all the new 4* looks good too.


One 10 pull:

Scarlett (duplicate)


Four pulls. Three duplicate 3-stars (used as feeders — not far enough along to try collecting a set of Renfields), plus Khellie.


Lucky love day for me.


I agree. I think he will drop the least.


1x10. Cat, Cat and Kunchen.

Luckily, I didn’t spent my Tabards on Obakan.


Have to say after playing the quest I’m not too sure if the cat has any value, his special is fun but doesn’t really cause any problems. Maybe on raids but even then. Captain too isn’t really worth anything. Would have liked the Queen but not doing another pull for her.


fast purple mana cat best for facing Guin in PVP


Did a 10 pull + single pull, got cpt. Diamond, Kitten and Alice… I am happy:)


Something I noticed doing my Wonderland summons, each time I got an event hero the summons graphic of swirly smoke lasted WAY longer than normal. First time it happened I thought the game was freezing up, but was just a long delay, like 10 seconds.

Anyone else seeing this same thing?


Greymane and some other 3* I don’t even remember. Sigh… I’m as lucky in summons as I am with my TC20


Not super jazzed about the heroes here, at least, not enough to spend a 10 pull on them. Thanks to the awesome Valentines offer, I did a single pull and got Cheshire Cat. I’m good with that!


Pulled the cat and Mad Hatter. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Hatter? He seems cool Wonder how effective he’d be?


Did a ten pull and got 9 3s and a 4 duplicate. Did three more single pulls and got Cheshire cat. Stopping there :slight_smile: