Wonderland pulls (Summons) [MASTER]


Wonderland heroes
Not a bad Valentines Day morning!
I strongly dislike merged topics

First 10-pull :grin:


I feel woeful… sad… etc… I was pull 2x10 and i got nothing from WONDERLAND… this game makes no sense :sob:

Do not receive heroes during summon

RNGeesus driving everyone nuts…as always…


First ten pull and all my gems… Alice, Magni and Capt of Diamonds! So happy my screenshot button broke! Happy Valentines to everyone, this is one very happy hippo :grin: :heart:


On my 2nd 10 pull i got Cheshire! On the 3rd i got the Captain, on my 4th i got Alice! Contemplating doing more pulls…but i think I’m satisfied! Still no hotm for me! So sad!


The worst Valentines ever :frowning_face:


I went 3x 10

Notable results:

  • Kunchen
  • Domitia
  • Rigard (1st)
  • Sabina (1st)
  • Melendor (1st)
  • Cheshirel

Lol! And I was complaining about the lack of purples to work on. God have mercy on me.

Some dupe 4s also, all got fed to their older colleagues:

  • Wu Kong
  • Gormek
  • Caedmon
  • Kelile

Aand a lot of 3. Overall, I am very happy with these. Not sure if I like the Wonderland 5* enough to try and go for more. What I really cared about was Kunchen and I got him. The event heroes seem to me too situational and too random-based. Only Alice is pretty cool, but 1. I have maxed Magni for the same purpose and 2. 0.3% to get her is not very promising.


5x 10 pulls only got cat and Captain from event other traditional 3-4* :frowning:


1 10 pull and 2 single, I got Captain of Diamonds and Kunchen. Some noteable 4*'s but food at this point.


1x10 - all food



wow u guys/gals are fast. i’ll try my luck when i get back from work tonight.


I love cats … all I wanted was Cheshire and I didn’t even care what the skill was.

I have two profiles and got Cheshire on both! Happy Valentines Day to me :rofl::joy::grin:


So I just did 4 10 pulls, and did not receive 1 Wonderland hero. Is this normal? In past events, I have always received at least one per 10 pull.


Did a 10-pull and got Alice and the Hatter. Feelin’ pretty great about that.


I would like to point out that Hatter looks like he’s going to cause major disruption in the force of those with buffs …

I could be wrong…but if im not…O…M…G


one 10 pull - all 3*
2 Bonus Kunchen…
still wish I would have lucked out on at least one Wonderland hero…


Yes, this could be regarded as normal. There is no guarantee that you will receive an event hero


2x10 pulls, and got the only hero i did not want, the captain. No HOTM, no 5*. With that Im nearing 90 pulls without a 5* hero. I did 6x10+ some single pulls during Christmas and only got 2 Buddys and + Rudolphs, no 5* no HOTM. Someone will surely come and say “you are just unusually unlucky”, yeah sure, but am I unusually unlucky in every single aspect of the game? Im playing for over a year now and still dont have a single yellow 4* troop (instead I have 5 greens and 4 reds). My TC20 mostly gives Yellow 5s that i cannot ascend because I havent seen a single dart since the last Siloh quest. During that year i got only one HOTM (Khiona). And whenever there is an event i want to do pulls from, but there is a hero i dont want to get i will get that hero. Like i got the captain now, and Mok-arr (who is the most useless 5 hero in the entire game) in atlantis. Im really pissed now.


Did my first ever 10 pull and got 4 4*
One 5*
And from the event
Capt of hearts
And 4 x 3*
Not too bad, i would have liked Alice or the queen but not terrible.

Edit: just realised that’s 1 of each colour which is nice.