Wonderland Heroes - Will they make your main team? What do you think of Cheshire Cat, Alice, Queen of Hearts QoH, The Hatter, Captain of Diamonds? How do they work? [MASTER]

Agreed, but maybe don’t forget to give heroes calves like they did my boy Aurther.

I think the Cat sounds the most interesting. Can you imagine having your fully leveled guin tank switching places with melendor? Lol. Game changer to me…but, that’s just me. Sounds fun!


They’re all solid and definitely not your boring “in the face” heroes, splitting from known heroes not only in drawing style but also game play.

Queen - first true tank in E&P, for having taunt. The minion is a bit glassy but even if it blocks a single special it did its tank job.

Captain - seems niche but unlike Gobbler actually does his job well. Counters rogue Santas and the Queen herself.

Cat - either will break the game or will be heavily misused to the point of uselesness. Way too unique special to tell beforehand.

Alice and Hatter - I don’t have enough raid/war experience to talk about those. Seem to heave great potential.

Unfortunately almost all of them are geared towards pvp aspects of the game so most probably will mever make it into my rosters.


Don’t skip leg day bro lol but yeah its like the labs, becoming very bubble gum and cotton candy ish

The cat sounds fun. Need more fun heros around here. Useful? Meh, probably not, but I can enjoy switching up spots in a roster for a long time.

Alice is awesome. I think people are greatly underestimating her.


In my opinion they are all good, but the tapado, the one that can happen to op is the hatter. If I take it, it will go to my main defense and it will seat Marjana or Lianna.

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Your speculations and/or knowledge is useless. Azlar will blow the living s*it out of these new heroes and claim his throne once again!

You can’t beat the lion king! There’s movie of him coming this year! :slight_smile:

by the way, Alicia, with those figures, I hope it does not come out fast, it would be, if you join with 2 gvm, a team impossible to beat in defense.

The only one for me that is a must have is the cat but not for the reasons posted above…

I will give a hint: He is a mini Panther!!!

Queen would make it to my defense team I believe, outside of that, probably not … I’d enjoy having Hatter and Alice for raid teams though, both could be very effective there.

I agree the cat sounds seriously fun … but if you can get an average mana 4* charged and firing against Guin as a tank before it dies … well, you probably already won that battle!

Then again, Melendor doesn’t show up on the Guin tank defenses I see much; the weakest heroes I commonly see to shuffle into tank position would be Alby or Magni …

Edit: if he reshuffles a war defense … and it stays shuffled for the rest of war, that would by pretty nuts, and having everybody in your alliance use one in their first war attack would be … disruptive to say the least!


The only things Cheshire cat has in common with Panther is the color purple, and them both being cats…

Cheshire isn’t an elemental defense lowerer


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Based on the lack of excitement above, I’m starting to think I shouldn’t waste my gems on Wonderland and I should either Atlantis or Avalon it

The queen is good methinks as is the cat (-44def for yellow) at least for titan battles against yellow titans.

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FWIW I’m planning on Atlantis instead of Wonderland, because the rumored March HOTM and new Atlantis heroes both excite me, and because the Atlantis cycle for repeats is considerably longer than the Challenge Events cycle. So I figure I’d rather take my shot to get any of those now, and revisit Wonderland next time around.


Having 44% defense debuff instead of the 34% offered by Tiburtus would be good for titans. But I don’t personally find that worth drawing for when I already have and use Wilbur anyway, who’s also 44%.

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For fairness sake have to say that the question “is this worth it” depends very much on your roster. if you are not in a situation where you already have a lot of heroes, its a good place to spend i think, as is every event except maybe for pirates


I personally am excited about the Wonderland heroes and will be trying for them.


As a C2P, I always pull hoping for a 4*.
Cheshire Cat looks nice, Captain of diamonds would be another Gobbler, taking one precious space in my roster.
So I’m 50% hyped game wise.
If I dream about being so lucky to pull a 5*, again not much excitement: one is really nice, one is good and the last one is funny but not worth ascending if it’s your first or second green 5*.
Kunchen HOTM looks nice but he isn’t a must have for sure.

As for graphic… NOT AT ALL. I already hate to look at Buddy’s face and christmas clothes every single time I use him, I don’t want other silly characters.


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