Wonderland Heroes - Will they make your main team? What do you think of Cheshire Cat, Alice, Queen of Hearts QoH, The Hatter, Captain of Diamonds? How do they work? [MASTER]

I got a question on the special of Alice, maybe @Kerridoc or others who have her can help.

The English phrase “…target is healed…” can be translated to German in different ways and so wanted to make sure I understand it right how it works.

From the previous postings it sounded to me like the buff resets anytime a healing is applied to the target. In the German translation on the Card it says that this only occurs when the target is 100% healed. For the difference in German between what would be ‘is’ and ‘gets’ in English.

As there are two possible translations in the meaning of ‘is’ when it comes to German I wanted to make sure the right one is on the card.


Don’t bother. They are good against specials, but both are weak against tiles. As long as the enemy isn’t stupid enough to use blue specials after mitsuko or if he deispells the reflect he’ll win.

The turns is just getting a reset when the hero that have the skill activ is getting a heal from an allied or an item.

Ok that seems like a bit much… why would they let Alice work on the HOTM undispellable heal that already amounts to nothing?!

Anyone else as mad as me about that? I mean it’s already a neglible heal but now for 6 whole turns it’ll restart Alice debuff? On defense the AI will stupidly cast again when ready and essentially the debuff gets stuck on the hero eternally until they are dead…That’s completely taking advantage of 5 different HOTM in a very horrible way. I mean isn’t that the definition of “broken”…?

A HOTM with such an Achilles heal starts to make them not worth the effort. Should I just stop caring about HOTM anymore?

This is correct

This not.

The buff resets whenever the target gains HP. It does not reset if the target is at full HP and a healer casts.

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Only one HotM of each color has the elemental healing link. The first batch (e.g. Gravemaker) apply a 5% attack and defense bonus; the new batch (starting with Kunchen) apply a +42% defense against the strong color.

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Alice has the novelty of being new but when you consider the ascension material chest from Atlantis, then the cost (at least for me) is more favorable. I’d gladly spend 400 gems for any mat.

So far in the four months of playing, atlantis has also given the chance to pull some great past hotm. I wasn’t lucky regarding this but weighing these two, I’m leaning towards atlantis.

Don’t get me wrong, I did 8x10 pulls for Alice, didn’t get her but got the other four event heroes so I’m biased.

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I’m in exactly the same place as you. Missing only Alice (and, unbelievably, Kunchen), the odds of chasing her down are too low for yet another blue sniper, albeit a very interesting one. The rest of my budget goes to Atlantis with the hope of getting one or both of the new Atlantis heroes. And Kunchen.


Moderator’s Suggestion

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I encourage others to make reference guides in #player-guides that synopsize specific questions and answers about the Wonderland hero mechanics.

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Here’s an example of such a post: [GUIDE] How does the Queen of Hearts’ Taunt work with AoE specials, or specials affecting nearby enemies in addition to the target?

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It’s a nice coincidence @Kerridoc

I don’t have any blue 5* other than Arthur and he’s slow so I’m still tempted whenever Alice pops up as I log in to the game.

But agree chasing just Alice odds are too great. And the possibility of another couple blue pseudo ladies Ariel and Frida

Technically Arthur is average, but i feel your pain. He’s definitely not the first blue sniper i think about in most cases.

But then, I’m not sure Alice would, either, compared to Alasie or Magni. Alasie has an effective special strength about 10% higher and she slows mana of nearby. The role of snipers is to kill, so often Alice’s secondary skill will be irrelevant. Alice will be very nice on titans, though.

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I was most excited about the cat. He was all I looked forward to. In the least amount of pulls ever, I landed Alice and several Cheshire and Captain Diamonds.

Without a moment to spare, I leveled Cheshire in my record time. Confident I’m making the right choice to commit mats to him with the help of in game peers who like I, didn’t know exactly what negative effects came about from his special.

I’ve raided with him every battle I could. I either lost because of the special, complicated the situation because of the special, or would have won anyway without the special. I simply don’t see any use for him what so ever. Other than adding more challenge to the board.


A minor detail on the cat: if you use it in an event it can shuffle minions and shuffle bosses, but it can’t shuffle a boss into a minion slot. Or vice versa.


Good point. I guess I’m just a little salty cuz I have all of those HOTM heroes, and Aegir didn’t need another mark against him either, Lol.

Interesting, haven’t used him in the events. So far, I’ve found him to be more pleasurable farming the map. Not for his ability to reshuffle, but he is more likely to consolidate enemies into a single group.

He does this in raiding as well. That is pretty much the only time he might appear to be of use to me. When there are 3 heroes or less, anything he does whether regroups or puts a new hero in the tank position is less problematic. But then, it’s like why to I need the special at this point if I must wait till there are minimum enemies left on the board?

At 4+ heroes, problems almost every time. Either you kill the tank and get a new enemy in the tank position or you nearly kill the tank and get a whole new threat to deal with as it’s been replaced with a full health hero from the back.


Well i tried. 2 x 10 pulls and no Alice. No wonderland heroes at all for me.

Was mainly hoping for Alice cuz I have Red Hood already. Would have heen cute to have two girls from fairy tales on my eventual 5 star def team. Till next time: done pulling now.

BTW that cat is messing up my score lol. Twice by memory I went to click the spot with my healer only to realize I dealt the finishing blow instead… like a real cat lol, knocking things out of the way and putting them wherever.

The best way to neutralize a tank on a raid, is by forcing them not to tank lol. That skill is nuts.

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If kunchen was average mana, yeah.

QoH isn’t good at tank. I dropped 300 cups after a run with alasie, zeline, queen, Delilah and sartana in about 10 minutes

I wonder whether some of the problem with QoH as a tank is that people are excited to raid against her, somthey’re Raiding you when they might have moved on?

I’m thinking she belongs on flank, though. She and the tank can take turns getting the brunt of the attack.

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That could be. And I agree, I think she fits better in on the flank.

I dont know for the another one’s because i dont have it but the hatter its just amazing

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