Wonderland Heroes - Will they make your main team? What do you think of Cheshire Cat, Alice, Queen of Hearts QoH, The Hatter, Captain of Diamonds? How do they work? [MASTER]

You are right for raids. However, in wars if you have several Guin teams in a sea of yellow tanks, you may not have a lot of purple heroes to spare. In that case, Cheshire could be part of a 3-1-1 or some such arrangement as a lone purple. What we don’t know is if the hero shift is persistent if you don’t manage to finish the team.

For super teams I would not use Cheshire. We have the misfortune to meet Crystal Palace in war right now, and they have 24 or so Guins but also tons of Gravemaker, Kageburado, Yunan, Alasie, Hel, etc. 4* die easily and even if you rearrange these teams you will still get trashed.

I was excited by Cheshire when I heard about him. I still am and I still want to level him, but you are right that for many he will have limited use. He has a cool avatar though!


Sure, that’s true. But it still won’t get me to Summon on Wonderland. I’d rather just get a third Proteus. :slight_smile:

I also don’t see the debuff only of Guin, and then moving her into a spot harder to hit with tiles, as being super useful in War — especially in a team with Cheshire as the only purple.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems to me like it’d be better to level up an extra Tiburtus before Cheshire even. At least then you can debuff 3 heroes, and it lasts 6 turns instead of 4. The only nice thing about Cheshire is the Fast vs. Average, and extra 10% defense debuff, but I think the tradeoff of only debuffing yellow heroes is a pretty big limitation.

So I guess if your argument is “he’s a purple hero when I’m out of any better ones,” then that’s sort of where I was netting out — he could be useful…but he just would never be my first choice.

I’ve seen people say it’s not persistent, but I’m not sure.

This is what I was wondering too. A team with a Guin tank often has other equally unappealing heroes to put front and center. A shuffle could be good or bad, and I personally feel there’s enough randomness in this game as it is…

He does look cool. I think he’s the most interesting design of the Wonderland heroes.

Pierce + Ramming Pulverizer

But Ranger 4*+19 Tiburtus has Pierce & Ramming Pulverizer. Only Ranger Athena 5*+15 with Pierce and Athena ‘s Bow will be nicer.

Barbarian Grimm 4*+19 will still hang with my Wu Kong Cascade Squad, especially against titans and bosses were wound actually contributes to the kill, but Tiburtus will see a lot more use in the future.

Cat and Proteus ( together they fight crime)

Any center or flank can be disrupted not just defense teams. Including triple bosses. Moving boss Mother North / boss Guinevere to the back and boss Guardian Owl to the front will be worth at least one Cat 4* 3.60 . Not as much use for the Sorcerer Class Quests.

Note: rumors say only same size enemies swap so no swapping mobs and single bosses only swapping multiple bosses.

It will be interesting to see if “Weekly Group Raider” ( WGR ) have multiple bosses for Cat to scramble.

The defense debuff is pretty useless except Guinevere / boss Guardian Owl and the DOT is low and non dispellable so it displaces other DOT like Gravemaker’s DOT.

But the randomization of center and flank happens at 4* 1.1

If I get Cat, I am rushing Cat to 4* 3.60 and parking Cat there. If I get 3x Cat it will be tempting to take all 3 to 4* 3.60. Or at least two Cats. I have similar plans for 3x Proteus.

Both Proteus and rumored Cat are supposed to work so well at 4* 3.60 because 4* 3.60 are so powerful with only 1* / 2* ascension items and 4x 4* 3.60 still cost less Hero XP than 1x 5* purple and their most powerful special skill effect is not adjusted for hero’s level.

True, I just don’t see losing Wilbur from my titan teams for survival. And Ranger Evelyn is getting emblems before Ranger Tiburtus in my current plans.

So if Wilbur and Wu are taking 2 spots, I’d like to have 3 strong color highest-attack-I-have heroes for the rest.

Am I thinking about this wrong? (This combo is new to me; Wu entered titan teams today for the first time, and Wilbur started around a month ago, so it’s very possible my plans are wrong.)

This is the most interesting use case I’ve heard for Cheshire so far.

I think this reaffirms my feelings again — when I’ve leveled multiple of Proteus, and taken my shot at getting new Atlantis heroes and the March HOTM, then I will eventually Summon on Wonderland during another appearance of it.

Just not this time.

The DOT hasn’t been discussed much if at all in this thread. That’s actually the most interesting piece of Cheshire’s special to me, as a plebe without Gravemaker or other heavy DOT casters…

…except, it’s just a reminder for me that I’d just rather have another Proteus.

Mana freeze plus DOT, so dreamy!

I’m just a Proteus fanboy, I guess.

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I do not have Wilbur but he sounds like a nice swap for Scarlett on my Wu Kong Cascade Squad ( see Notes )

There are interesting discussions to be had comparing Wizard Proteus, Sorcerer Cheshire Cat and Wizard Merlin.

Personally I like Wizard Proteus better than Wizard Merlin and Sorcerer Sabina/ Sorcerer Ameonna better than Sorcerer Cheshire Cat.



4*+19 Wu Kong Cascade Squad

(Classic 4* heroes and emblems or Gryphonknight's emblem spending plan EXPOSED)

Quasi 5*


I’m not sure I followed, I read both Classic 4* heroes and emblems or Gryphonknight's emblem spending plan EXPOSED and [Play Style] The cascade squad or Wu Kong+ two healers.

So you’re thinking Wilbur + Wu + 2 healers + another red?

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Rainbow 4* Wu Kong + Wilbur ( together they fight crime)

Wu Kong

Then sub as necessary ( see Notes for discussion of heroes to swap in and out of Cascade squad ).


Got it, makes sense. That starts to look a lot like my Season 2 Hard team — except Proteus is on there…of course (in the Grimm slot), and I’ve used Boldtusk instead of Wu (which could change now that I have Wu).

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I never thought of the war thing! I wonder…

I think the Queen of Hearts will be a formidable opponent on defenses, either as a tank or as a flank to take heat off of the tank. She will be great on offense as well. Isarnia is about to fire? Queue up a minion and 4/5 heroes will reject the defense debuff. Same with Azlar.

The others are fun to play with, but I feel they are not as valuable as the Queen.


Almost here! :cat::tophat::woman::crown: :peacock:


Ignoring the art for a moment and forever, I do want several of them in my roster! Initially any of them will be welcome, the dilemma will be if the Queen proves elusive (Dear QoH, please have your taunt minion direct my summons to you…)

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I can’t ignore it so I won’t do any pull for Wonderland.
Honestly I’m also not impressed at all by the heroes, none of them is a must have and, as a C2P, I prefer to invest my gems elsewhere.

But, again, the cartoonish graphic has a big role in this decision.

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You can dislike the cartoon graphics. I don’t care quite as much. Form follows function

I may be ugly myself but, man, am I useful. :slight_smile:

I will take one of each, please. Two, if the RNG gods so deem, plus 2 Kunchen (the only hero I feel I “must” have…)

They are decidedly NOT worse than Xmas heroes, and quite a bit better than the sand people
Their functionality is better than any of the Pirate or Rabbit heroes…

Let’s just say that, of the art presented, this one shows they actually cared.


I don’t agree at all but, hey, I’m passionate about art and I admit to be a bit overcaring on the subject. :see_no_evil:
But, even from a more pragmatic point of view, I can’t see much use of the new heroes…at least for now when I have more impellent needs than some randomic mechanic.

I’m a fan of many things Alice related, because it lends itself so well to psychadelic art and madness.
(Huge HR Giger fan too, as I love his brand of surrealism).

If you do not think they will fit in your team, that’s cool. I think the Red Queen is rather evil and will be taking over some tanks in the top 100 as soon as she’s obtained. Maybe I’m wrong. I could be wrong. I’m often wrong, but not usually wrong.

Additionally, the “random mechanic” of the Mad Hatter is not quite as random as it may seem. I just have a glut of green 5’s with higher priority and… 2 potions.

Cheshire Cat’s ability, if you can fire it, is the most random. Possibly the most fun.

And The Captain? He is a hardier Gobbler with a nice attack.

Again… I’ll allow for me to be wayyy off base and stupid about this.


If I use my gems chasing the queen, there will be nothing left for Atlantis. This is best argument against Wonderland pulls for any but the deepest pockets.

Saving it all until March.


Yes, they might be fun to play but not high priorities for me. Also keep in mind that I don’t want to spend too much for a mobile game so I force myself to do at most one or two x10 pull per month, no more. I have many other money-sinking hobbies (like photography and LARP) to waste more than that here.

My top priority pulls are in Guardians of Teltoc: G. Jackal, G. Falcon and, if I’m lucky, G. Panther are really important to hit hard on titans.
After that there’s Avalon with King Arthur, Guinevre, Morgan…
And Atlantis, too. Tarlak is a must to have. Some old HOTM like GM, Zeline or Athena would be really nice…

As you can see, even if I could stand the cartoonish art of Wonderland, I have other priorities.
Good luck with your pulls, hope you’re right in evaluating how good the heroes are. I will follow you next time, maybe. :joy:

PS: I love Giger too! :heart_eyes:


Yeah I guess I’m at a little different spot. I have all the heroes I want from all the other events.

My advice: Unless you really, really want Arthur… next month’s HOTM is a -blue def hero. :slight_smile:

All -def guardians are worth having. Love mine.

I feel like Atlantis has lost my money. tried for tarlak and friends with little luck. we’ll see.


then you should probably wait for march’s hotm before pulling in atlantis. Any of the next 3 atlantean heroes are great. Best of luck :four_leaf_clover:

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