Wonderland event heroes – 80% of Summons I got were 3*

When will we see a Razor youtube channel?

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The OP said the game is no longer fun. Said they got 80% 3*
I, quite relevant to the OP, mentioned i got the same on one of my pulls. No one is special, the gatcha is available to all and afflicts each of us randomly.

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As far as the OP.

It’s been this way for 2 years. Nothing new. Not a glitch or a bug. Odds haven’t changed.

They Gacha money
You Gach squat

And it may disrespectful to say or whatever, but blunt honesty typically is. If you dont like the odds, dont spend money on pulls. If you can’t enjoy the game without spending money on pulls, then yea find another game. Basically if you’re going to spend money on something, probably better to spend it on something you won’t complain about or something that offers a refund for complaints. But just like slot machines or lottery tickets, this game offers no refunds for bad luck and if it did…
well the game would have died 2 years ago.


I’m adding one more voice… 40 drops not a single event character. Not 1. Not even a 3*. That is not in line with the published odds.

Like a lottery, the odds do not improve with each pull. See @Rigs link for more details.

Everytime you pull, the dice roll.
If it is 1.0% per roll, it is the same every time and will never increase.

Sorry you had bad luck.

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Actually it is.

@Garanwyn @Gryphonknight
Would one of you math whizzes like to break this down for the audience?


That‘s the thing with probabilities… Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not…

For me, it was good luck, with 30 pulls ending up in 5 Cpt, 2 Cats and the 30th hero being Alice; however, it is still like a lottery and next time I won’t be lucky


There are no 3* event heroes.

There is a 6.7% chance of getting an event hero (4* and 5* combined) on a single pull.

That means, if you do 40 pulls, you have 6.2% chance of getting no event heroes. So you’ve had a bit of bad luck, but not earth-shatteringly bad.

6.2% is like the chance of flipping a coin 4 times and getting 4 tails. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it definitely happens.


This post’s tone is so hash and disrespectful, I wonder how some would find it tasteful enough to like it.

Community forum has rules both written and unwritten, one key part of the rule is to show respect for others!

I should normally just ignore like every experienced forum member.

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Reminder to follow Forum Rules and be respectful to everyone, whether you agree with them or not.


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Well I also against better judgement did a 10 pull no event ones and 1 4*. Typically it’s better. Last event I obtained Rudolph x 5 and Santa with 20 pulls. And I don’t expect similiar results. Take what it gives sometimes, rather have Santa. And last atlantis got kage so l believe luck has it.

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Absolutely, it’s based on luck, sometimes the luck shines on you and it could be fabulous, and when it doesn’t, then next time you can try again.

Ha ha, I actually have one for the “Hero Utility” it was intended for instructional videos for the Hero Utility… not much attention paid to it. Anyway I need an easy to use PC based screen recording product that is simple to use and allows basic editing… cut, trim, combine videos - that has decent sound quality… You know of any? Maybe I could post that for suggestions? Do you know where would be best for that @Rigs?

Oh my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8la0gk0qT-Vsy8Jwvg6khw

Thanks man - lets catch up soon

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My luck was abysmal for this event summons. Out of over 240 summons, I received no event 5* at all. I have less than 10 of the 4* event heros total between two accounts. The odds are posted. Sometimes I beat the odds and sometimes I do not.

I got a 5* Event Hero, the rest being 3* (including several duplicates).
I accepted it, if grudgingly (I wanted at least one 4*…).

Its rigged…
Thwy made rare chance 85%

Actually, the chance of a rare hero from Wonderland was 71%.

I’m in need of a 5* blue, and thought Alice would be a good one. I did about 40 pulls and I swear to God, got 98% 3* and only 3 of the regular 4* who I already have. I was so close to just deleted the game and quit.

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