Wonderland event heroes – 80% of Summons I got were 3*

Hello small giant , I have spent a lot of money on this game but I am verry disappointed because with 11 hero event summon none was event hero , and 80% are 3* heroes which the game delivered … Please can someone can do something about this I am not the only one in this position there are alot of players especially Team Light with the same issue… waiting for an answer.

That sounds like some mildly bad luck, but given the published odds, it isn’t really surprising


You have a 6.7% chance per pull of drawing an event hero. By contrast, you have a 71% chance per pull of drawing a season 1 3*


This time I used 5200 gems and got 19/3 * and 1/4 * heroes. is that bad luck too? By the last atlantis i spend 9000 Gems and get only the same 3* and 2 / 4* . I do not care that I do not get 5 * heroes but just new heroes. instead, there are always the same old heroes! so the game does not make fun anymore with time …

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You might want to stop playing then.

It’s not Amazon, it’s a gacha.

Edit: i spent over 100 bucks and got 5 event heroes. One pull gave me 8 3* and two season 1 4*.
Everybody is special


Exactly this game is getting boring shame on the creators of this game

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Wish you better luck next time…

I did only 3 consecutive pulls and got this:


Expect the worst and you probably will be surprised. If you’ll expect sth great, you might be disappointed more…

Wouldn’t call it a bug, would call it a gamble.


The odds are published and your results are more or less aligned with them.

Last Atlantis I went 60 pulls and got only couple duplicate 4*s. It was basically all feeders for 18,000 gems.

It happens. Get over it. Chances are what they are. You wouldn’t like this game if everyone was running around with full teams of 5* after 2 months of playing.


Good for you

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2 ally members did 2x10 summons each. All 40 were 3*.
Its happens. Its a casino game man.

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The results you’ve gotten are very much in line with the published odds, as others have said. But I’m sure knowing that doesn’t really blunt the disappointment for you.

I’ve done 30 summons on Wonderland myself, and gotten 1 event 4* (Cheshire Cat), 4 duplicate 4*, and the rest duplicate 3*.

But that’s basically what I was prepared to have happen, because I’m familiar with the published probabilities. If I didn’t know those probabilities, I’d likely be a bit upset too.

If you have any questions about what outcomes are likely when doing a summoning, please feel free to post on the forum and ask. There are a lot of us here who will be happy to run the numbers for you and let you know what’s most likely to happen.


THIS IS NUTS! 38 MINUTES and I had the CAT ready for BATTLE. Amazing Special and ALL death DRIP… I’m EXCITED!

OK I got 3 captains, fed one already - see some value. The Cat I got on my last single pull (I think 7 10x 15 1x - will update if way off)… I also got Domitia, Richard and Marjana.

The last video was my recording of the Summoning to obtain Cheshire 2:48PM The Time on the clock in this image is when I got him fully ascended/leveled - 3:26PM < 3/4 of an hour!

SO much easier/quick to level an EPIC - Geeeez I forgot what that was like!

I also got a fair amount of EPICS. Ate them all (except the 2 Cap D’s).

This was my account prior to video recording: 23:9:1
Which was 3 10x and 3 1x pulls. Which equates to the following % Distribution:

70% Rare, 27% Epic, 3% Legendary.


When will we see a Razor youtube channel?

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The OP said the game is no longer fun. Said they got 80% 3*
I, quite relevant to the OP, mentioned i got the same on one of my pulls. No one is special, the gatcha is available to all and afflicts each of us randomly.

Have a super day.


As far as the OP.

It’s been this way for 2 years. Nothing new. Not a glitch or a bug. Odds haven’t changed.

They Gacha money
You Gach squat

And it may disrespectful to say or whatever, but blunt honesty typically is. If you dont like the odds, dont spend money on pulls. If you can’t enjoy the game without spending money on pulls, then yea find another game. Basically if you’re going to spend money on something, probably better to spend it on something you won’t complain about or something that offers a refund for complaints. But just like slot machines or lottery tickets, this game offers no refunds for bad luck and if it did…
well the game would have died 2 years ago.


I’m adding one more voice… 40 drops not a single event character. Not 1. Not even a 3*. That is not in line with the published odds.

Like a lottery, the odds do not improve with each pull. See @Rigs link for more details.

Everytime you pull, the dice roll.
If it is 1.0% per roll, it is the same every time and will never increase.

Sorry you had bad luck.

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Actually it is.

@Garanwyn @Gryphonknight
Would one of you math whizzes like to break this down for the audience?


That‘s the thing with probabilities… Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not…

For me, it was good luck, with 30 pulls ending up in 5 Cpt, 2 Cats and the 30th hero being Alice; however, it is still like a lottery and next time I won’t be lucky


There are no 3* event heroes.

There is a 6.7% chance of getting an event hero (4* and 5* combined) on a single pull.

That means, if you do 40 pulls, you have 6.2% chance of getting no event heroes. So you’ve had a bit of bad luck, but not earth-shatteringly bad.

6.2% is like the chance of flipping a coin 4 times and getting 4 tails. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it definitely happens.


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