Wonderland event difficulty

glitch in mad hatter temporary fix

Have you ever completed advanced in another challenge event before? They all have three bosses on stage 10, meaning the HP count jumps up quite a bit from stage 9 to stage 10 in all of the events.

However, I’m unsure if this event has stronger bosses than the previous ie higher HP counts. I’ve never looked at the numbers.

I know in beta, this event was relatively easy at first. Then, several beta testers advocated to have the difficulty cranked up a bit, and SG followed suit. After that, I found it was almost too difficult. No idea if this is the same one we tested, but it’s definitely closer to the harder version for sure.

I had to use all 70 heroes to complete this advanced, which in the past, I could use a majority of 60s to complete no problem. Makes me wonder if this event truly is more difficult than the rest. Also considering all of the three bosses are top-tier heroes, with not a single weak one in the bunch, could also be the reason this event seems more difficult. I don’t actually know for sure though, just speculating lol


No, I’ve never completed an Epic event before.

…that said… I completed Stages 6-9 without even one hero dying. On Stage 10, 3 revive scrolls still only got me down to 50% boss health on one boss.

The difficulty increase was seriously off-putting. Either I should never have completed Stages 8 and 9… or Stage 10 is WAY too difficult.

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Okay, was just curious, because all of the events do eventually ramp up in difficulty quite a bit on stage 10. I can breeze through 1-9 no problem, with very little item usage, but on stage 10 I always have to bring in better battle items and pay more attention. & That’s with every event unfortunately; they all ramp up to three bosses with the same amount of high HP.

However, this one might be slightly more difficult, but I don’t actually know that for sure. All I do know is every event is set up that way, and you’ll struggle completing stage 10 without at least a full team of 60 heroes and the best of the battle items. Once it’s a team full of 70s, it should be no problem. Arrows, axes, bombs and attacks are the lifesavers while your heroes are still weak. Once I learned that, I never had trouble completing an event since.


That is why I change my strategy for stage 10. I only have 4* 3/60 heroes (2900 TP) for the legendary event, stage 1-9 is manageable with Proteus + mana potion, but I ditch that strategy because big total HP increase of the final bosses. I resort to carpet bombing with 5 axes, 5 bombs, 5 dragon attacks. If you use them all it will deal 4500 damage thus the bosses are left with 831 HP. I had Proteus ready to fire so they won’t use their special. I use all my skill on Mad Hatter (his special is terrifying, luckily at the moment it is changed to piercing strike due to bug, but I specifically targeted him just to know whether I can kill him before he fired once, which I did). In the end, I won while still saving 3 dragon attacks.

I used time stops effectively to finish level 10 Legendary, hadn’t really used them before, gotta get them off at the right time of course or they don’t do any good.

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Thanks to everyone for the input. This one from @RandaPandah is what I needed to hear — that it’s “normal” for the events to jump dramatically in difficulty. Since last month (and December) I struggled to kill even one mob to get the free silver summon in Legendary, and this month I more or less handily finished the first nine levels, it was a bit of a shock how extreme the jump from nine to ten is.

Presumably, I’m going to get the mats to get my 3/60s up to 4/70s for next month. Maybe even get some choice in the 4 stars available to me, or even get a 5-star… (Though I’m not holding my breath there.)

I did try once more with a second sniper (Leonidas 2/60), but with his average mana and glass jaw, he wasn’t a lot of help. Though if I had brought a bunch of attack items, I might have killed one of the bosses. Next month…


If you take 5 dragon attacks, 5 bombs, and 5 axes, that’s 4500 damage to each, plus some fire damage dot. You only have to do 831 of your own. If the 4th spot is arrows (500) you barely have to hit them at all. But I do like to bring a stack of mana for my healers or blow them at the end of the level to finish off the bosses.

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For me it was the first attempt to beat Legendary, too. I was confident, because I was saw the potential of Proteus in a class quest already. And he didn’t disappoint me. I did it with a really play-it-save team:
Proteus (4-50) - Boldtusk (+3) - Wilbur (+3) - Magni (4-80) - Kiril (4-70)

It took some time with this team, but it was really easy. Wilbur + Proteus + 2 healers = immortal team

I wonder how difficult the seasonal events are compared to the challenge quests. During the winter event, my team was not strong enough yet. I didn’t even make it close to the final stages. Lets see how it goes in the spring event…

At Christmas, I got to like level 6 of advanced, and then it was clear that I’d be spending too much to get up to level 12 (the next “prize tier”). (Those levels ramp up fairly evenly, at least as far as I got…)

Legendary 10 in 30 minutes with a couple of small mana potions, 5 turtle banners, 2 bombs and a green stack of 2 northern moms. The other three 4* and all depending on tile dmg and preventing the bosses from firing with Proteus.

Wonderland difficulty

My teammates are finding this event really difficult on rare, epic and legendary tier.

Several are thinking of skipping it out of frustration.

Team Chat

Taliesin- I have to use many more items


Noblessa- having multiple non dispellable bosses at once sucks.

( teammates with Proteus & Ameonna seem to have an easier time with the non dispellable).


Me- Noblessa, which part in particular is annoying -

RGB 5* hero Bosses so all colors but yellow/ purple are weak to 1 Boss.

Reflect green mobs so Melendor, Kiril, Hansel, Little John, Peters, Grimm, Caedmon, Sonya are weaken/ nullified.

2x Sniper Bosses, Cat Boss, first event where Bosses designed as 5* heroes first and then converted to Bosses instead of the other way around.

First 3 day event with good completion rewards for all 10 stage tiers so trying to find time to play through 30 stages can be tough.

Personally I think the Devs should have extended the event by 24 hours now that emblems are a reward.

Due to Swinub Community Day and Katsucon, personally I may miss Legendary tier completion and 40 emblems.



No, it will not, as long as they don’t nerf Proteus (of course, if you are lucky enough to heve him) and mana pots are available. Hatter’s special (or any other special, for that matter) posts no treath, as long as they can’t cast… Took me less then 10 small mana pots and two bombs to kill the legendary trio, with a 4* team, without loosing a hero… In this situation Proteus alone is worth a fully maxed HOTM team.


I hate to do it, and none of my teammates have the option, but I may off color, power level my Proteus ( 3600 heroes stockpiled in RT11 ).

I want those emblems.


Click for off color power leveling by Zero

Click through for more details and video link.


I started maxing Proteus the day I got him (he is my only S2 4*). It was a great day, I also got Boldtusk the next pull. These two were the luckiest pulls I had in my 8 month of gameplay and I literally mean it, it’s no metaphor… I thought his mana suppressing ability might come in handy one day. It turned out it was the right call…

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Of course the event was easy for me since I have Proteus. But about the duration of the event (which has nothing to do with Proteus):
I finished all three difficulties this morning, 1.5 days before the end of the event. During the event I also did all the daily quests and filled all monster chests (including an ice elemental chest). I did not use a single WE flask, while I obtained 4 from the event. So the duration should really not be a problem.


I just completed rare difficulty, I found stage 10 a little harder than epic difficulty just because my hero options are more limited. In both difficulties I think it would be very difficult without a health regenerative hero. A supply of manna to change them up when needed is also vital among with lots of health potions and some axes. I really enjoyed the difficulty, makes a great change to the farming grind, not knowing if you are going to survive. Hopefully they will keep them difficult in the future, it means you have to really apply some strategy to get through.

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@CheTranqui That’s how all the events are. I believe most event bosses are over 5k for at least two of the bosses on stage 10 legendary. In some of the other events one of the bosses might havelower hp like 1 at 4.5k-5k and 2 at 5.5 I think.

Adding -atk to your +def could have carried you. Scarlett is huge (her special is better than axes/bombs) if you don’t have proteus or heavier heroes.

Realistically this event is about middle tier in difficulty. It’s more difficult than maybe grim/pirates but definitely easier than Avalon. There’s no heal on any of the winter bosses so you have a lot of time to win. These bosses got nothing on the bs heal/mana control and undispellable draining from the Avalon bosses.

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I used this:

From my perspective:

  • Boldtusk - Heals, increases allies Atk
  • Grimm - Hits, drops enemy Def
  • Cyprian - Reflects dmg
  • Scarlett - Direct dmg
  • Wu - Wild card; can vastly increase allies attack
  • Healing potion
  • Mini mana potion
  • Antidotes
  • Turtle banner

I don’t recall if I set these before going and never changed, or if this was intentional for level 10. I found the bosses hard, but not exceedingly so. I killed the queen, then Alice, then hatter. If I was going with a lower team, I would have taken bombs, axes, dragon attack and prolly mana potions.

Passing Event level 10 usually has to do with the composition and synergy of your team, plus items. The higher/more dangerous your team is, the less items you will need…the lower/less powerful your team, the more you will need to resort to “carpet bombing” to win.

No shame in it. It just means you’re still growing your team (or you’re trying to fast-track a higher score for that level). :wink:


Doesn’t mean that’s how they should be. The difficulty spike is ridiculous. It made me think, “Hey, I might actually…” when the answer is actually no, instead I wasted, literally, 40 world energy for nothing and was completely deceived by the difficulty of everything leading up to it being so much easier.

Yes, now I know and I won’t make the same mistake in the future… but it’s still a very irresponsible way to handle ramping up difficulty. My only consolation is that I finished the rare event and won a world energy flask there. Sucks that it fixes a development oversight rather than feeling like an actual prize now, though. :-/

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