Wonder Woman Warriors Wants You! (3 spots left!)

We are a friendly, supportive alliance of active players from all over the world. Despite the name, all genders welcome (we’re >50% women if that makes a difference). We’re currently taking down 8* titans while understaffed - imagine what we’ll accomplish with your help. You should be at 3,000 TP and 1200 cups to join.

Rules are really simple: participate or communicate. Hit each titan at least 3 times. If participating in war (optional) use all flags. If life is getting in the way, give us a heads up. Other than that, be respectful. That’s it!

We use Line to coordinate outside game chat, including a lot of tips and resources in our notes. Always happy to help with strategy and tactics.

Knock on our door and someone will let you in. Looking forward to meeting you!


I have been part of Wonder Woman Warriors for 647 days! I liked the alliance enough I convinced my 68 year old dad to start playing and join too! (Much to my mother’s chagrin.)


You all still looking? :slight_smile: I think I’ve outgrown my current alliance, and with the AW over I would feel okay about finally making a move. TP @ ~3600, cups @ ~1900-2300 at any given point. Regularly use all flags on Titan and in AW.

What I really love about my current alliance is the people. It’s positive, friendly, chill, and no drama. But our leader had to take some time off and after a few weeks we’ve really started to feel the effect of that. Participation has dropped, and we’ve got from 8* Titans to not being able to take down a 5* because less than half the alliance is using their flags.

WWE sounds like it may have those same qualities that I like(d) about my current alliance. :smile: But is Line communication a requirement?


Line communication is not required, just a bonus. :wink: Come on over!

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Hey I joined this squad a little over a year ago with no regrets. A very chill and helpful group. Come hit titans with us!


Please join, you sound like a great addition! We are definitely active and Line isn’t required, but useful. BTW, there’s a PC app if you don’t want it on your phone. You can also turn off notifications and just check manually (that’s what I do).

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I’ve been part of WWW for 654 days & still love it. We are growing stronger every day. The team support means so much to me. Join us & find out!


Do you still have openings? I am at TP 3900 and cups between 2200 and 2400. I play daily and would be interested in changing teams after the war beginning shortly. I don’t want to let others down win or lose in the war. I’ve been on the same team since I started so I am clueless on how to join a new tram😊

Hi Yma, totally respect you not leaving during war, I wouldn’t do that either (plus, there’s the loot!). Here’s how to join:

Click the Alliance icon
Click the Members tab, choose Leave
Click the Alliances tab
Search for:

Wonder Woman Warriors

We should be at the top. Just click join and one of us will let you in. Looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you. I’ll be seeing y’all soon :blush:

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I’ve been a part of WWW for 479 days! :blush: it’s a great alliance - not overly competitive or obnoxious about daily activity (as long as you communicate) - we understand that real life exists outside of the game. We are a happy mix of international players at various levels. We use Line to share tips and strategies and the occasional puppy pics :smile: - come on over and join us! With your help, we can get back to slaying 9/10* Titans!! :dragon: :crossed_swords: :beers:

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