Wonder why not?

Why isn’t possible to get the watchtower at the same lvl with the castle? A watchtower is important to a castle , so both should be at the same lvl.

Watchtower level only increase storage size. That’s all.

I’d rather use my ham on other things

Only SG could answer this question. It could be a decent addition to provide more rewards for raising theoretically.


You’re in a place where people in full mettal gear are fighting with swords and shields… underwather… and that’s seen as normal… so don’t worry too much about the utility of a higher watchtower…


I would like to craft some wisdom items to increase the special skils

Ahh…but this is also a world of:


Everything makes sense in a world of magic

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Watchtowers don’t need to be as strong as strongholds. The stronghold has to keep the invaders out but the watchtower only needs to hold up well enough for you to see them coming.

A smaller watchtower than the castle makes no sense, it needs to be the highest lvl of the base.

Guess you’re right… it’s the only way to make sense of most of SG’s decisions in the last couple of years… :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


:joy::joy: I seriously just spat my coffee out at this comment.

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I seriously rise an eyebrow at this comment, thinking about reporting it for bullying

I can’t see any bullying or unpleasantness of any kind on this thread :confused: Is there perhaps a misunderstanding about the coffee? It just means the poster thought what the other one said was really funny, as it appears it was meant to be.

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I raise an eyebrow at your claim there is bullying here. Can you point to it?

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People shoud post their arguments pro or against the post, and not their feeling about it, that kind of reaction is bullying, “splashed the coffee”, what kind of an argument is that? That is a visual image for someone saying about other that is less then.

The image is that someone read something funny while they were drinking, and choked over it. It’s a common saying in English. A bit coarse perhaps, but no insult intended.


:joy::joy: If you pay close attention, my comment was a reply to another comment, not what you’ve posted.

In the upper right corner of my post you can see an arrow pointing to the user I was responding to. Hope that makes it clearer for you. If not, then I guess you’ll just have to report it.

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Why can’t we have 4 or more advanced farms? All farms should be on the same level.
A farm is important to a castle, without it my peasants will starve, so all should be on the same level.

Why can’t we have 4 advanced food storages? copy and paste text from before

Why can’t we have more than 2 advanced forges? All forges should be on the same level.
A forge is very important to a castle, I need to build more items, so all should be on the same level.

Why can’t I build AA guns on my castle?
AA guns are very important to a castle, how else could I kill the dragon? (something constructive, tapp on the dragon very often and it will die and fall down) So all castles should be allowed to build AA guns.

OH, the list could be endless, but I will stop here…

You clearly are misinterpreting this comment. What he means is he did a “spit take” which is a common element in comedy shows and movies in America. Generally one will be drinking a beverage and hear something so funny or absurd(in this case fun y) that they laugh so hard they spit the liquid ina burst of laughter. I recommend honestly Google spit take and you will see what he meant .
Also you said splashed the coffee and that is nowhere near what he said. Bullying is also not even close to what was said.
I am hoping this helps as honestly I already wrote too much about a problem that is so stupid(and no that isn’t bullying notice the problem is called stupid not you) you know what…I raise an eyebrow over this whole post as to why the hell mi even bothered because someone misunderstood a very common expression.

Are you sure about that? A Watchtower is an incredible production asset imo.