Wonder if I received a bad pull since I did not update to new version

What do you guys think?

No. No. 20x, no. Still no.


I think the odds are equally likely to not give you what you are hoping for both before and after the update :frowning:


Were you wearing a blue shirt when you pulled?

Never had any luck with blue shirts…
You think it’s related?


Definitely not

20 bad pulls

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I heard there’s 37.25% chance for a 5* if you’re singing the “Mission Impossible” theme song standing on one leg but you must continue until the very last hero appears at the summon gate.

Just kidding, odds for particular rarity heroes are constant regardless what version do you have.


I used 3 times x10 got one normal 5 star rest was alot of 3 star and normals 4…I guest update ruined the drop chance again

I hear you can bump that percentage by 5% if you yell “NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY STOP!”


Nope, has nothing to do with your pulls…pulls suck, if you look at your odds their worse than any odds you get in Vegas…so complaints aren’t really valid. Theirs no guarantees when you gamble and that’s what your doing when you go to the summons gate, you’ve bought gems for a “chance” to get something and you did get something, just wasn’t what you were actually wanting…but to be sure you did receive something for your pulls

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Bud, which two new wonderland hero’s are you referring too??? We’ve not had anything in Beta signalling two new Wonderland hero’s so I’m wondering where this info is coming from…I know we will be having some new hero’s for Pirates, but nothing on Wonderland…

I think that’s where he is confused.

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Kinda what I was thinking…

53 pulls 2 x COD, Hatter on Ravnir.

Did I misunderstand release notes? Thought the pictured heroes were for this event.

Yep. That guy in the hat looks like wonderland more than pirates to me

Don’t do any pulls, go FTP :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure? I just tried this on a 10x pull and got Ranvir :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just keep pulling. Probabilities of getting what you want improve with every next pull.

The universe keeps track of your failure rates and soon the odds no longer matter as you enter the mystic realm of probabilities.

Because, math is magic.

So spend, spend, spend. Pull, pull, pull. The probabilities are with you.

I totally forgot about the blue jumper rule

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Learned it the hard way back then!!!
Now, i don’t summon unless i’m bare-chest, with a big heart drew on my stomach, with SGG written inside it.
Oh and the tin-foil hat :tophat:.

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