Won AW attack and no points 20/05/18


I just beat a player in 7DE and it gave no points. This is a good and close war. Not right


Me too
Its already come


Las guerras son muy injustas no están bien echas una locura deben arreglarlo URGENTe!!!


We still won but annoying. I won a war attack handily and the game didnt register the win kill or points


Me paso lo mismo y da muchísima impotencia


Yo hablo poquito espanol


The most unfair aspect of the AW is the revenge atrack. Just about everytime I am closing in, the attack arrows kill me off. They have no purpose, are unfair, and should be eliminated.


I got the same. I won a battle and my opponent blown up - than he appears obne again and I got 0 while my attack points were reduced.
I don’t talk only about myself but it goes for point for my Alliance.
Please do something !!!


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