Won a raid arena battle and got a loss

I just won a raid arena battle in under 2 minutes minute and the results say i lost due to time up. I have no idea how this even showed as the result but the results dont lie and i promise i won the battle easily in under 2 minutes.

Is this happening regularly?

Sorry to tell you but you did not win.
It shows: Time up.
Meaning you lost…
Strange that this is shown when you ended the fight within 2 minutes. If you sure; open a ticket.

Enemy heroes defeated 110 + difficulty bonus 454 = Score gained 114?

How is that math correct?

Anyways, if you are sure you won the battle, send a ticket with that screenshot and useful data, like local time and date when the battle happened

Follow this directions to get support

I did open a ticket. Never heard back. The problem isnt the math. The problem is that i won and got a loss. Not sure where the time up came from. It was a clear and easy win. Just never have seen that error before. I never heard back from sg but today i received a random raid energy flask so im guessing they saw it.

I didnt really want anything. I just wanted to make sure it doesnt happen in the future

I see the discrepancy. Yes it says “time’s up” (even though you said you completed it in 2 minutes). So, let’s suppose for a second that it is telling the truth and that the time actually ran out. THAT SHOULD NOT COUNT AS A WIN. But it says on the same screen “winner” therefore definitely a bug. Hopefully you get a response back at some point; let us know what happens when you do!

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