Women's armor


I’m just throwing this out there!

I have 5 star Sartana (love her!)

Instead of royal tabards, warm cloaks, and tall boots, shouldn’t I be winning bras, negligees, and stilettos?

I mean, she’s a little underdressed for battle. Those shoes!


Maybe part of her special skill is distracting the monsters, then impaling them with her stilettos?


Most of the women heroes shop at Victorious Secret


Just wait until you see Natalya (two straps). It is ridiculous to see women objectified like this. I am beginning to wonder if college computer departments have a required class called “How To Program With Mr. Happy.” (I bet this post is flagged by “people” who prefer their women slutty.)


Sartana looks dressed for Arctic conditions compared to February’s HotM Zeline! See?


Yup. That’s just crazy.


Now just imagine King Arthur dressed like that.

Yeah, you can’t forget it anymore, i cursed you.


I think there’s only one fair solution to the matter at hand. I mean, just look at Colen, standing in this fiery landscape, clutching a fiery-looking axe. He must be really hot over there :face_with_monocle:
Help the poor dude, liberate him of some garments!


I just glanced through the summoning portal, did nobody notice that half the males in there are not wearing a lot of clothes either? I don’t mind, please do objectify the males too…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Other than Grimms 12-pack, there’s only Greymane and Oberon that come anywhere close to the womens’ scant.
Now I’m a bit worried about you.

Although Obakan looks like he visits the same sign-less shops that Natalya does. :face_with_monocle:


Joon, Magni, Azlar, just a few :wink: . I didn’t actually count them, might be less than half.
You don’t have to worry, I was kidding, I am good either way, (clothes or lack of clothes).


But consider Perseus. Here’s the most famous artistic rendering of him

Or as painted by Italian masters:

And here is how SG envisioned him:

So, anyone notice a difference?


::GASP:: They forgot the Gorgon’s head!

I didn’t realise SG had given him a codpiece of sorts…


Hah hah, fooled you all – they made Perseus a lefty!


Oh my god, it’s the armor that make them awful!
Leonidas, Elkanen, Thorne, Khagan, Perseus… They are all heavy armored!

You shall strip them! :mage:


I was thinking Obaken and Sartana use the same stylist.


So for men we get a blue demon, a werewolf, and a fugly goblinoid.
For women Natalya, Zeline, and whatelse.

Nu-uh, this calls for justice! :vampire:


Lol! I’m thinking a new character…we shall call him Magic Mike!



I’m F2P, but I’d bust out my wallet to roll for this dude.