Wolves + Ninjas ... Thoughts?

I am trying out a mixed Wolf Family / Ninja combo on offense, and it’s not been as successful as I anticipated. Looking for the communities thoughts… Am I just suffering from poor rng, or is this not as strong a lineup as I’m thinking it is.

This is how I have mine for now, and it keeps well :upside_down_face:

Ludwig is slow, so you need either another taunter who is average or dodge (c.Kadilen, etc.) to ensure he’ll fire. The Ninjas are fun to use at charge 3 :laughing: so you need to make sure they stay alive until they charge, having only two gives you 5% counter/dodge which is not a lot. Wolfgang is awesome, however he’s average and healing only comes after 4 turns. You need to make adjustments based on who you’d rather use, for the two ninjas you need another healer, preferably fast and someone who hits all-defense down like Morel or Frig, so Ruby can finish them off. If you decide knights, then again, another healer to support Wolfgang and a Taunt or Dodge to ensure Ludwig will charge, then heavy hitter on the side of Ludwig. Just my thoughts. Good luck with whatever you choose to line up next :upside_down_face:

For offense? Well, your main problem is the fact that it is a rainbow team. You can’t take advantage of tile damage from stacking.

The only mistake that matters here is to limit yourself with 1 lineup against the world. To gain more success you ought to be able to adjust your lineup accordingly, not use the “best” heroes in a mashed up

Do you find you generally lose before Ludwig fires or after? I use Ludwig all the time in raids with diaochan and prof. They are there to get him to his special. Then I use two hitters next to Ludwig so that once he has fired they beat the def to death with the mana gains. It can work with a rainbow but since I am trying to make purple matches for Ludwig it makes sense to have a healer on that path. As someone suggested you can use one healer and another support to help longevity, but I wouldn’t put them next to Ludwig (the hitters should go there).

The main issue with using your team for every raid is they don’t have a dispeller and aren’t necessarily geared for minions. Still a good team though.